The Only Tent You Will Ever Need For Burning Man, And Every Other Camping Festival After

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 05, 2017

The Only Tent You Will Ever Need For Burning Man, And Every Other Camping Festival After

Ten days of beautiful and unforgettable memories. Ten days of unimaginable art and mesmerizing music. Ten days of new friendships, random encounters and rollercoaster ups-and-downs. Ten days of sunshine, blue skies and sudden dust storms. Ten days of scorching desert heat and ten nights of freezing-cold temperatures.

Burning Man is all of that and more: one of the most extreme festival experiences with changes so acute it’s known to be a ten-day test of the body, the spirit and the mind, which is why people walk away from Burning Man with renewed spirit, newfound purpose and memories to last a lifetime.

How you choose to live Burning Man, or any other camping festival for that matter, can have a large say in how you walk away from the experience. Camping at Burning Man, or other music and arts festivals, doesn’t have to be painful and full of sacrifices. How? With the SHIFTPOD, voted the number one best innovation for Black Rock Desert camping. Awarded several design and materials patents for their award winning products, the SHIFTPOD 2017 line provides more headroom, black out flies, door screens, military grade Kevlar stitching, and new double-sealed seam system for the best weather protection available, no matter the temperature or conditions. Light weight yet heavy duty, the SHIFTPOD is the most reliable shelter for the worst conditions imaginable, no matter whether you use it as a disaster shelter, on extreme camping trips or for you festival needs.

Despite what you may think, SHIFTPODS can be set up by one person in under two minutes. The idea for the SHIFTPOD was born out of a need for a luxurious all weather shelter that would reflect the heat of the sun, protect from high wind and fine dust and also keep you warm in the cold nights in the desert. That is why SHIFTPODS are the ideal Burning Man tent choice. As a testament to that, the first 300 SHIFTPODS ever produced were tested in the Black Rock Desert at a time when the weather channels were reporting 30-50mph sustained winds with guest to 90mph! The SHIFTPODS stood firm and shed the wind like it was nothing while other tents blew over and literally blew away.

If you’re planning to go to Burning Man this year consider investing in a SHIFTPOD for your comfort and your safety. It’s a worthwhile investment, especially if you’re a regular to the annual gathering, attend other camping festivals throughout the year or enjoy the outdoors.

You can find all information and purchase the SHIFTPOD directly from their website here.