The One Thing Missing From (Almost) ALL DJ Events

Uniqcube Dj Event
Author : Kevin Ching
October 21, 2021

The One Thing Missing From (Almost) ALL DJ Events

Life is back (kind of), but especially DJ events. People are running for the lines and pushing through the bouncer to get on that dance floor. If there’s anything the world learned from the innumerable amount of DJ live stream events is that your brand image is vital to be noticed from the pack. Here’s an easy solution to this problem and one that works for any DJ in the world, whether touring internationally or throwing local events: The UNIQCUBE!

Everyone knows about those yellow ADE boxes you see all over Amsterdam during the 5-day long October festival. They’re all over the city, in every DJ Booth, and the fact that you know exactly what we’re talking about, shows how iconic and affective they are. Any time you see those yellow boxes, you immediately associate them with ADE.

UNIQCUBE is the first personalized light cube. Whether it’s for your business, home decor, DJ event, etc., UNIQCUBE enables you to create personal and vivid visual displays. You can use images from your Instagram, Facebook, or any other images, text, patterns you upload to easily custom design your cube. You can even use your own artworks or drawings, making UNIQCUBE a full personalized experience.


You can also choose one of their pre-designed lamps –  each of them having a colorful, unique, and inspiring story to tell. The cube has a lightweight sturdy and playful design so that you can easily carry it around the room or poke it without worrying about damaging. Further, the UNIQCUBE doubles as a studio/bedroom lamp.

6AM has its personal UNIQCUBE. It’s used for our events to help elevate branding efforts. Having a UNIQCUBE in high visibility areas such as the DJ booth truly helps patrons visually see the 6AM brand. After all, most people look at the DJ more than anything else during any given club/warehouse night. UNIQCUBE is a must for promoters.

This product comes highly recommended. Think about adding the UNIQCUBE to your next DJ Event.

For more information and to order yours just head to their Official Website HERE.

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