The One Thing Missing From (Almost) ALL DJ Live Streams

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
March 25, 2020

The One Thing Missing From (Almost) ALL DJ Live Streams

You’re doing a live stream. She is doing a live stream. He is doing a live stream. They’re doing a live stream. EVERYONE IS DOING A LIVE STREAM! Yet, the vast majority of the live streams we caught in the last couple of weeks have lacked any kind of branding whatsoever, with only a few featuring somewhat of an artist or record label logo. We are offering an easy solution to this problem and one that works for any DJ in the world, whether touring internationally (before and after COVID-19 of course) or not: The UNIQCUBE!

Think about those yellow ADE boxes you see all over Amsterdam during the 5-day long festival that takes over the city each October. They’re not just all over the city but on every DJ booth of every party that participates in the festival. They’re visible. They’re iconic. They’re memorable. When you think of ADE you immediately think of those yellow boxes, and when you see a yellow box you immediately think of ADE.

UNIQCUBE is the first personalized light cube. Create truly personal and vivid visual displays for your home, business or friends filling each side with photos, images, text, patterns, your own artworks or drawings, anything really. You can also upload them from your Instagram and Facebook, making it easy to design your UNIQCUBE.

Here you can also choose one of their pre-designed lamps –  each of them having a colorful, unique, and inspiring story to tell. The cube is designed to be playful and lightweight so that you can easily carry it around the room or poke it without worrying about damaging it as it is not fragile. Further, the UNIQCUBE doubles as a studio/bedroom lamp.

At 6AM we have our personal UNIQCUBE which we use for our events, which brings us to another recommendation for promoters: having a UNIQCUBE at your events elevates your branding efforts, especially when used in high visibility areas such as the DJ booth. After all, most people look at the DJ more than anything else during any given club/warehouse night.

We highly recommend adding the UNIQCUBE to your next live stream! For more information and to order yours just head to their Official Website HERE.