The Lion’s Mentality: Eat or Be Eaten

lions mentality
Author : 6AM
August 12, 2021

The Lion’s Mentality: Eat or Be Eaten

Hey everyone, continuing off Marco’s post about “The Attitude You Have With Any Task Is The Attitude You Have With Every Task”

Today, I like to combine that context together to explain how the right mental attitude + the right working attitude will allow you to dominate like a Lion in everything you do in life starting today: Right Now. The lion has a natural spirit of leadership and that spirit is essentially their attitude.

“Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us ” –  John N. Mitchell

The Lion is the King because of one word: ATTITUDE

The Lion has a different attitude that makes every animal afraid of them. Fear in this context of the animal kingdom means RESPECT.

The Elephant respects the Lion, the Giraffes respect the Lion, the Hyenas and Hippos respect the Lion.

What gives? What makes these animals that are so much bigger than the Lion afraid of a small cat?

The Lion isn’t the tallest, the biggest, not the smartest, nor the strongest when you compare them to all of the animals in the jungle yet they run things. It dominates the jungle and all animals within the domain.

That’s because the Lion has something we as humans need to understand; the ATTITUDE is the difference here. For example, the Lion will see the Elephant and think one thing only, it’s lunch! Now the Elephant is 10 times the size of the Lion, 50 times heavier, and can probably kill multiple Lions with one giant stomp! But when the Lion looks at the Elephant, it doesn’t think about its size, weight, and strength, it’s simply thinking “I could eat this damn thing!”

And the Lion acts the way it thinks and believes. You see, the size is not the problem, the weight of the Elephant is not its concern. What makes the Lion acts is the way it THINKS (their mental attitude) so because the Lion thinks it can eat the Elephant, the Lion attacks the Elephant and oftentimes they succeed.

The Elephant is larger, heavier, stronger, more powerful, and more intelligent yet when the Elephant sees the Lion; they will come to believe that they are lunch so they act and respond with panic and fear. The Elephant is controlled by the way it thinks, therefore, the Elephant’s size, power, might, authority, and intelligence becomes a victim of the way it thinks.

Now it doesn’t matter how big or small you are, how intelligent you are, how many degrees you got, or how physically strong you are, it’s your mind that keeps you small. Remember this, it’s all about your ATTITUDE.

“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude” –  Zig Ziglar

Challenge yourself to renew your mindset shifted to the one of a Lion and begin to watch things transform because our lives begin to change for the better when we start to strengthen our minds in the way we think and in the way we do things. The only thing that matters is your ATTITUDE.

Attitude also shapes your gratitude. How you see your circumstances and hardships stems from your spirit and your spirit is ultimately guided by your Attitude.