Introducing The Glow Mat: Light Up Your Car Floor!

Author : 6AM
July 26, 2016

Introducing The Glow Mat: Light Up Your Car Floor!

The Glow Mat

Every once in a while comes a new product that connects a piece of the world of electronic music with everyday life.

Today saw the launch of The Glow Mat on Indiegogo, originally designed to meet the demand for safe and secure lighting for aviators in the cockpit, and now made available for private use in cars. Aiming to replace the standard-issue car floor mats found in every automobile, The Glow Mat gives the interior of your car an entirely updated aesthetic and feel.

The Glow Mat works as easily as you may expect, illuminating the floor of your car when plugged into the cigarette lighter via USB port. The mats are available in 8 different light-up colors, and also become a versatile tool in illuminating otherwise dark parts of your car when driving at night. Made from densely woven poly-blend yarn on the top and water resistant rubber-nibbed back for extra protection, the mats themselves come in black, grey or tan.

The minds behind The Glow Mats are car and plane enthusiasts Tony Pasquini and Dan Lawrence, who came up with the idea in February 2016 following years of experience in aviation, boating and car customization. The goal is to begin production this month and have the first run of Glow Mats shipped by November of this year, with plans to add new designs, color-changing capabilities and more further down the line.

The Glow Mats turn your car into a quasi-personal club, all the while adding that cool factor and safety that comes with a lit up vehicle floor. The mats come in two-seater and four-seater packages, priced as cheap as $49 for early backers.

Back The Glow Mat’s Indiegogo campaign and light up your floor like never before!

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