The Days Are Long But The Years Are Short, You Will Make It Through

Long Days Short Years
Author : Jia Wang
November 14, 2022

The Days Are Long But The Years Are Short, You Will Make It Through

This past Sunday for those living in the U.S. we had to adjust our clocks an hour back for the annual daylight savings season as we officially enter into Winter season where the sun will set earlier and the cold days will be swarming in (depending on where exactly you live). It’s no doubt that seasonal depression is a real thing after all, humans need sunlight as a source of life, and depleting that from people does have psychological and emotional effect.

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On top, if you are bogged down with life’s obstacles and hardships (whatever that may be) it makes the winter season, specifically the holiday period, extra hard to navigate.

When life throws a wrench at you, it may feel like your entire world is crashing in without an end in sight on when this miserable period will end. One of the best ways to look at your tough situations and moments in life is to understand that while the days may seem long and the obstacles ever enduring understand that one day you will be able to look back and realize the years have passed all of us quicker than we can blink it seems.

Think about it for a minute, for those of you in your 20s now- what happened to your teen years? For those of you in your 30s now, where did your 20s go? and as I enter into the latter part of my 30s (I’m 38) I actually wonder what the hell even was going on in my 30s? But when we actually sit still right now and do nothing, the minutes and hours actually feel long. This is the paradox of time:


Keep those words in mind the next time you feel impatient about your goals and the next time you face a tough period in life. It’s certainly put a perspective on how I approach my impatience and tough moments in life.

When looking back into building 6AM and our WORK event series, sometimes the weeks and months felt long let alone the days but when looking back since 2008….the time flew by. Between all of the obstacles and hardships (and more ahead), I can look back and say while it sucked to endure them, it wasn’t bad once I got through them and now I can look back and reflect on how fast those years went by. Take a moment to reflect on this as we end the week… thanks for your time as always reading this.

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