The Advent and Dave Bate Launch New Techno Streaming Platform - new techno streaming "club"
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
September 16, 2020

The Advent and Dave Bate Launch New Techno Streaming Platform

September 25th sees legendary techno mainstay The Advent team up with Portland’s Dave Bate to launch, a ten-room, fully music-licensed techno streaming ‘club’ with sets by Mark Broom, Robert Hood, Floorplan, Lady Starlight, Nightwave, and residencies from Tony Humphries, Hiroko Yamamura, Norm Talley, Sync 24, Cari Lekebusch, DJ Hyperactive, and many more.

The site, fully independent and built from the ground up by the Techno Club team, is one of the first offering PPM (Pay Per Minute) remuneration for DJs providing sets and all music played will be licensed, with tracklists being reported to performing rights organisations so artists are paid correctly. A chat room will also accompany the online experience and the site will be launching music and culture focussed charity initiatives in the coming months.

“The past six months have taught us that many of the digital outlets for DJ streams are not fit for purpose, and we, as DJs ourselves, needed to create something that is fair for artists and DJs while also curating the finest techno, electro and house music. Doing this outside of the corporate social media landscape is something that we in electronic music must do” – Cisco Ferreira (The Advent) is online now with demo content to explore before the launch weekend on September 25th, when full upcoming listings will be revealed.

Below you can find the Week 1 timetable. 6AM will be hosting the “Los Angeles” Purple Room once a month, starting weekend of October 16th-17th with Brennen Grey, Stephen Disario and JIA.

Week 1 Timetable:

Friday, Sept 25th:
Black Room – The Advent (Electro Set)
Blue Room – Dave Bate, DJ Knob
Cyan Room – A.Paul, Pippa (Adeline Rose)
Red Room – Cari Lekebusch, Orion
Purple Room – EPM, Oliver Way, Robert Hood
Green Room – Sync 24, Kerrie
White Room – Submerge
Orange Room – Tony Humphries
Yellow Room – G Flame, Tom Mitchell
Grey Room – Detroit Techno Militia

Saturday, Sept 26th:
Black Room – The Advent (Techno Set), CJ Bolland
Blue Room – The Fallen, Tom Mitchell
Cyan Room – A.Paul B2B Dextro
Red Room – Cari Lekebusch, Alexi Delano
Purple Room – EPM, Oliver Way, Floorplan
Green Room – Sync 24, Silicon Scally (Live)
White Room – Hiroko Yamamura
Orange Room – Dennis Gregory, Martin Gee
Yellow Room – Ron Trent
Grey Room – Claude Young, Delano Smith, Norm Talley

Sunday, Sept 27th:
Yellow Room – Lady CC

Door Costs:
Low- €5 = 300 Mins – club entry viewing Time
Mid – €10 = 600 Mins – club entry viewing Time
High – €20 = 1200 Mins – club entry viewing Time. will feature live non stop techno streaming from Friday 21:00 GMT to Sunday 24:00 GMT

All weekend archives will remain active on the site all week until the following Friday at 20:00 GMT, allowing viewers to catch up, top-up or use their remaining purchased minutes.