Ten Walls Announces Debut “Queen” Album

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
March 02, 2017

Ten Walls Announces Debut “Queen” Album

On March 15th Ten Walls is set to release his debut album, entitled Queen. 

The 24-track release is coming out on Runemark and will journey the listener through some of the artist’s life moments beginning with childhood and ending with more recent times.

Also known as Mario Basanov, the contested producer stated, “Queen is an album full of contrasts. It is a story that covers various moments of my life as well as musical experiences.

“You can hear my favorite childhood fairytale, sounds of Vilnius recorded through my window, or some flashbacks from the spiritual lessons that brace me still. And it is music that leads you through the entire way.”

The album will include collaborations with other artists and singers, including Jonatan Bäckelie, Monika Liu and ALX and conductor Ričardas Šumila.

The move comes nearly two years after Ten Walls’ career plummeted following homophobic remarks posted by him to his Facebook page. He was booked last summer for a Circoloco at DC-10 date following a series of apologies but protests from music fans and artists that were scheduled to share the bill with him caused the promoters to cancel his gig.

See below for the Queen album teaser and full tracklist. European tour dates will be announced soon.



01. Rhapsody
02. Resurrection
03. 1983 feat. Domas Aleksa
04. Adi
05. Age Old Pain feat. Jonatan Backelie
06. When Muses Return
07. Power feat. ALX
08. Experiencing Various Embodiments feat. Petras Geniusas
09. The Three Gunas
10. Menuet
11. Snowing On Ravel
12. Age Well feat. Jonatan Backelie
13. Her Beauty

CD 2:

01. Observing
02. Still Waiting
03. Trevor C. Belmont
04. Italo
05. Rocky
06. Balboa
07. Transition
08. Next Station
09. Chains And Shackles
10. Dvylika Broliu Juodvarniais Lakstanciu
11. Outro

H/T: Resident Advisor

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