Temudo Continues His Streak With Soma Records

Author : Nadia Shamsedin
April 29, 2021

Temudo Continues His Streak With Soma Records

Portuguese maestro Temudo is back on Soma Records bringing his powerful and direct brand of techno on his latest release, the Artifacts EP. Quickly becoming the name in the scene for destructive yet rhythmic techno, Temudo has been at the top of his game as of late with a plethora of releases and tracks across some of the most recognized labels. This latest EP on Soma has him bringing his adept and striking techno production to the forefront once again.

“Calmakira” is the second track on the diverse 4-track EP, packed by the hard and driving attitude for which Temudo is known. Not one to start softly, Temudo releases the swinging rhythms and razor-sharp percussions right out of the gate. Temudo’s signature hypnotizing groove is pervasive throughout the entire Artifacts EP.

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6AM Premiere: Temudo “Calmakira” – Soma Records

Temudo Artifacts EP Tracklist
  1. Torres Vedras 8am
  2. Calmakira
  3. Deserve It
  4. Look Down Say Nothing


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