Q&A: Falling For Deep House with Teenage Mutants

Author : Jennifer Liu
November 30, 2015

Q&A: Falling For Deep House with Teenage Mutants

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While his name conjures fond memories of childhood heroes, Teenage Mutants is jet set for the high life in the upcoming year following his recent release titled Fall For You on the Ultra Music/Sony label. The German DJ and producer who hails from Mainz has made the rounds within the deep house scene over the recent years, pushing out releases on independent labels such as Suara, Stil vor Talent, Light my Fire, Kittball, Katermukke and Nervous.

With 2015 coming to a swift close, Teenage Mutants has transitioned into the larger realm of commercial dance music, bringing deep house with him to take on the bigger stage.

Falling For You is a quintessential disco house beach jam with a kiss of sultriness and a dash of sunshine thrown into the mix. The song has its signature melodic woodwind instrumentals coupled with a groovy 70s bassline and deep house beat. The song is fresh as a summer day’s dream and is complete with vocals provided by the illustrious pop singer Laura Welsh, who also did vocals for Gorgon City’s Here For You.

We had the fantastic opportunity to have a chat with Teenage Mutants about his recent music endeavors amidst his local tour around Germany and Switzerland this November. Check out the conversation below.

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Q&A with Teenage Mutants


How are you doing? How is your tour going so far?

Thanks! My tour this year was kind of busy in the last month. I took some free days in November and December to relax. Touring is always stressful. Long flights, long waiting times, but at the end it is great.

With your latest release on Ultra, how is your experience so far working with a more commercial label? 

Everything is bigger and better/strongly promoted. The focus here is: success. I’m happy to join the Ultra Family with two releases this year. They are really big, but it still feels good to be part of it. I am sure I will continue working with them in 2016.

TM_LiveHow does this experience differ than your previous work with independent labels? (Suara, Stil vor Talent, etc.) 

I love all those independent labels, but they need to be careful with all their expenses. I understand that. Commercial labels are more open minded for new things, cause they don’t have to lose so much. That’s a nice opportunity, but I definitely prefer independent labels. I am not a big fan of too much commercial stuff. It has to be a good mix in my releases. 

What/who inspired you to start producing music?

My brother. He was a well known german DJ in the 90’s. He gave me the chance to take a look into the business and then I started DJ-ing and producing 12 years ago.

What are three things you must absolutely have with you in the studio when working? 




How do you see the music scene changing for 2016?

Deep House will be more and more part of the commercial music. If this is a good way for me and other artists, I don’t know. But I am quiet afraid. With my release “Falling For You,” I also did a step in that direction. Lets see what happens!


Do you feel that the increasing popularity of festivals and clubs are affecting the direction of music production?

The festivals are still small compared to big rock or pop festivals. But more and more you see Deep House or Techno Artists playing on commercial POP or EDM festivals. But I don’t think that will affect any genre, because at the moment it is POP Music.

What are your current endeavors? For next year and beyond? 

For the next year: To keep my level and try to grow.

For the last year: be thankful for all the good times.

Any last words or words of wisdom to your fans and aspiring musicians?

Drop beats not bombs! Peace!