Dance Music Yearbook: Snapshots of Techno & House DJs Before Their Glow Up

Techno Yearbook: Snapshots of Techno & House DJs Before Their Glow Up
Author : Matt Draper
August 10, 2021

Dance Music Yearbook: Snapshots of Techno & House DJs Before Their Glow Up

It is hard to imagine some of our favorite DJs before they were headlining the main stages at festivals around the world. But they, like all of us, had to work hard and get to where they are. So what did some of these DJs look like before they made the big jump to touring the world? Let’s take a look.

Jamie Jones

Before he was playing the biggest clubs in Ibiza and hosting his own Paradise Presents parties around the world, Jones was just a kid from Wales trying to learn how to produce and DJ electronic music.

Jeff Mills and Aphex Twin

To get a moniker like “The Wizard” must take some real skill behind the decks. A young Jeff Mills helped pioneer the techno culture in the late ’90s of Detroit long before people would be asking “Track ID??” Here he is pictured in his early days with another legend, Aphex Twin.

Amelie Lens

Before she was headlining festivals and playing the main stage at Tomorrowland, Amelie Lens was just another girl who loved to go out to the clubs and rave in her home, Antwerp, Belgium

Carl Cox

Carl Cox has played on the biggest stages across the world. Being one of the most prolific DJs on the planet has been the course of many many years of hard work. Here you see young Coxy partying and having fun in his early days.

Nina Kraviz

Nina Kraviz

You can add a professional puppy cuddler to Nina Kraviz’s resume right next to being a dentist and also one of the most celebrated figures in dance music.

Annie Mac

A fresh-faced Annie Mac embarking on what would be a 17-year journey on the airwaves.

Lee Foss

Before Lee Foss was DJing around the world, playing in the band Hot Natured and heading his record label Repopulate Mars he was a track star in his college days.

Charlotte De Witte

Who would have thought that in 1998 this young little girl from Belgium would be touring the world and be one of the biggest techno acts in the world?

Daft Punk

Just two kids from France trying to make their way as an indie rock band ‘Darlin’,  Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. When that didn’t work out, they decided to put on a few robot masks and the rest is history.

Lee Reynolds

As the patriarch of Desert Hearts, Lee Reynolds has always had a bit of a wild side. After ditching the BMX bike for a set of decks the man himself has been DJing and spreading love throughout the better part of a quarter-century.