Techno & Working Out: The 8 Best Beats to Break a Sweat to

Techno & Working Out
Author : Max Spruill
January 30, 2023

Techno & Working Out: The 8 Best Beats to Break a Sweat to

Techno music is a great type of tune to get your body moving; it’s why you can find so many people getting their freak on at warehouse party dance floors. While the genre was made with intent to get people dancing, it can also help get your body activated in many other ways as well, one of which being working out. That’s right, techno can prompt you to get your freak on AND your beast on at the same time.

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When you break it down, techno is actually the perfect type of music to workout to (which is why it feels like you’re getting a workout in sometimes on techno dance floors). Its repetitive, driving rhythms combined with the fast tempo and invigorating beats will increase your heart rate and boost energy levels, making you more motivated to push through your workout. The hypnotic nature of techno will help distract you from the physical exertion of exercise and you’ll be able to tune out the discomfort; this will make your workout feel more enjoyable and less like a chore. Not only that, but working out to techno will also improve your focus since the genre is infamous for putting people in a trance like state. This can be especially helpful if you’re doing a high-intensity workout such as weightlifting or sprinting, where mental focus is key to achieving optimal performance. To simply put it, nothing will get you and keep you in the zone quite like techno does.

So now you’ve got your headphones plugged in, running shoes double knotted, and the same track suit you wore to the rave last weekend is about to get used for its intended purpose. But nothings que’d up on the track list and you still need that ticking techno music that’s gunna help you pound through the pain. Well, have no fear workout warrior, here are the 8 best techno tracks to help you break a sweat.

Fear N Loathing – “Ready, Death, Go!”

Fear N Loathing ‘s “Ready, Death, Go!” encapsulates the energy of how every great workout should start, the title explains it all. At around 140 BPM, this is the perfect kind of rhythm for cardio workout such as running or cycling as it matches the typical range of tempo for these type of activities. And that nasty baseline could get anyone pumped to pump some iron. Add an extra 10lbs to the barbell when this song comes on.

Raito – “Rave 92”

Raito‘s banger from 2017 brings the sound back from 1992 with this throwback inspired track, and it has the power to enhance your workout today. The catchy melody combined with the natural endorphins your body gets from working out will have you on cloud 9, and that thumping baseline will give you the motivation to keep chasing that high. Expect to catch a second wind when the beat breaks down and the synths come in heavy.

Robert Oaks – “It’s Coming”

Lasting a lengthy 9 minutes long, at a fair pace you could certainly run a mile to “It’s Coming” by Robert Oaks. This track is the perfect slow burn to burn some calories, coming in hot with a steady, driving beat. Its loopy and mesmerising, which are two great aspects ideal for putting those mental blinders on and pushing through the pain. If all you did to workout was run for the duration of 1 play of this song a day, you’d be in better shape than most.

Ghost Dance “One Way Trip”

Everyone could take a one way trip on the treadmill with this dark and driving track by Ghost Dance playing in their ears. It’s moody and intense, which is how you’ll probably feel if you’re exerting your body as hard as you should. It features a cacophony of sounds that will easily take your mind out of the pain and place it into whatever the f*** is going on in this soundscape.

Risa Taniguchi, Yigitoglu – “Deep Focus”

Neither Risa Taniguchi nor Yigitoglu are your personal trainers/coach, but their track “Deep Focus” is all you need to find your own deep focus during your workout. The pulsating baseline will get your heart pulsating at the same beat, and hearing that screeching 303 is enough to get anyone in a frenzy.

Barbosa – “Yuma”

Barbosa‘s “Yuma” is absolutely savage, and that’s exactly what you need to be to smash your workout. The hard hitting base combined with viscous vocal sample make for a confusing state of mind, so your body will register absolutely no pain for this tracks duration. Things break down and get dramatic towards the end, and that will serve as the perfect inspiration to cross the finish line and get it all over with.

Green Velvet – “Flash” (Eats Everything Remix)

Eats Everything‘s remix of “Flash” by Green Velvet is dark and hypnotizing which is sure fire to get you in the zone. But more importantly, the vocals tell a story, the story of Club Bad, where bad little kitties go to do bad little things. And for the next 7 minutes, this is your story too while you expunge all the bad little toxins that have been doing bad little things in your body. Laugh it out and sweat it out with this essential detox track.

Reiner Zonneveld – “Move Your Body To The Beat”

Reiner Zonneveld‘s filthy acid induesed track “Move Your Body To The Beat” will take control of your body and make it do just that; it will basically do the workout for you. After one listen to this track, nothing more need be said and only one thing need be done.

Move Your Body

After listening and moving to these 8 songs, you might just see, and more importantly feel, why techno music is a great way to grind out your next gritty workout session. Whether you want to escape from the pain or feel it all the more thoroughly, techno will be there to help you make it happen, one beat at a time. Eventually, the only pre-work out supplement you’ll need in your routine is a heavy hitting techno heater.

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