Techno Therapy: Shaded – Gender Bender

Author : Lee Trotter
November 18, 2014

Techno Therapy: Shaded – Gender Bender

Shaded Gender Bender

After a memorable performance by SHADED last night at Sound Nightclub for Monday Night Social, it was only appropriate to have this weeks Techno Therapy come straight from his new Gender Bender EP for Sci+Tec.

Gender Bender is a fine piece of minimal techno that finds a perfect home with the Sci+Tec sound. Rubbery basslines bounce along with a trippy vocal hook, and then in Sci+Tec fashion the random weirdness comes from percs and other various elements that SHADED includes at his discretion. Quick escalations in the bassline scale give the original mix solid flare and the overall quality of the track is sure to decimate dance floors worldwide. We know it did last night for sure!

In addition to the original mix, Gender Bender received remix treatment from Carlo Lio and Matador, both Sci+Tec staples. You can listen/preview the entire Gender Bender EP here on the Sci+Tec Soundcloud.

Carlo Lio decides to take the track in a much harder direction choosing to not utilize as many of the original elements. That being said, his use of the vocal in conjunction with his sound design makes it one bomb of a remix, and my personal favorite off the EP. Matador chooses to stick with a more linear path on his take of Gender Bender, but still leaves his recognizable mark on the track. A nice well-rounded bass sits underneath the minimalistic elements quite nicely, and once he throws in a groovy shaker pattern the track feels complete.

To wrap it all up, this is a strong release from the LA native with two great artists on remix duty. Gender Bender couldn’t have found a better home than on Sci+Tec, and we’re sure that 2015 will be another strong year for SHADED. That’s this weeks dose of Techno Therapy, keep grooving everyone.