Techno Therapy: Hollywood (Clovis Remix)

Author : Lee Trotter
January 20, 2015

Techno Therapy: Hollywood (Clovis Remix)

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Hollywood, a place that many of us call home. Located in the heart of Southern California, Hollywood is an urban playground that can satisfy one’s interests regardless of what those interests may be. This week’s Techno Therapy comes in the form of Clovis’ remix of Hollywood, and this puts us in the perfect mind set for this coming Friday.

Clovis will be playing alongside Livio & Roby at King King (Hollywood) this Friday for our first event of the year. The night is looking excellent so far, and we’re excited for all these incredible DJ’s to control the musical journey for the evening. More info can be found immediately below.

$10 Pre-sale tickets available here: WORK 02 w/Livio &Roby and Clovis
Discounted Guestlist available here: 6AM Group

Clovis did this remix as apart of the Hollywood Revisited EP on Los Angeles record label, Culprit. Culprit never disappoints, and this remix is no exception. Lush pads rising on the fourth beat, synths that make us feel nice and warm, and a subtle groove remind us why we love our city. Whatever inspired Clovis during the time is reflected in this lovely piece of smooth house music.

Clovis is an incredibly talented producer from Los Angeles, and shares a deep passion for house and the underground scene. We’re incredibly excited for his set this Friday, and look forward to another memorable night in our beloved Hollywood.