Techno Icon Ken Ishii Joins “Oriens,” first VA (Deepsomnia Records)

Ken Ishii Oriens
Author : Daisy Magana
December 28, 2020

Techno Icon Ken Ishii Joins “Oriens,” first VA (Deepsomnia Records)

Manila label Deepsomnia welcomes Japanese techno icon Ken Ishii in Oriens, its first various artists’ compilation. The label’s debut VA compilation features six tracks including one from Japanese techno icon Ken Ishii.

“Oriens” is the Latin word for “east,” representing its origin continent of Asia. The VA enlists the finest techno makers across East Asia.

Listen: Ken Ishii Joins Oriens,  VA compilation

Deepsomnia is founder Alinep’s love letter to Manila’s ever-evolving techno scene, and now with its second release, the label goes beyond borders to deliver meaningful and hypnotizing cuts from the best of the best to techno lovers across the globe. And with the addition of Ken Ishii, whose work is truly an inspiration to all generations in the electronic music community, the label is humbled to showcase a compelling set that is a product of these brilliant minds blending together ever so smoothly.

Pre-Order Oriens via Beatport (available January 9, 2021)


SKEEF MENEZES – “Stuck in Reverse”
Opening the compilation in reverse, Mumbai’s very own Skeef Menezes offers a twisted, trippy track highlighting his cutting dynamic artistry.

ALINEP – “Bloop Control”
Manila Underground and Deepsomnia founder Alinep regulates a hypnotic, forward-thinking groover to the compilation, manifesting his vision to his label.

ECILO – “Planet Slaughter”
A signed artist under Planet Rhythm, Jakarta-based producer Ecilo slays the release with a bass-drenched and acid-infused banger.

KEN ISHII – “Y Explosion”
Known as the “Oriental Techno God”, Ken Ishii blasts off a masterful track at the center of the release, combining his progressive craftsmanship and opulent musical taste.

KUMA – “Cateran”
Kuma, who is one of Kuala Lumpur’s key players in the music scene, hits the deck with his own brand of techno and produces a powerful dancefloor bop.

HADIID – “Esotera”
Start strong, end stronger and Kuching’s beloved Hadiid does the job with a climactic, edgy finish, furthering his contribution to the South East Asian underground spectrum.