Techno Artist Viriato Kicks Off Big with “Apophenia,” Debut Single

Viriato Apophenia
Author : Daisy Magana
March 17, 2021

Techno Artist Viriato Kicks Off Big with “Apophenia,” Debut Single

Portuguese techno artist Viriato delivers “Apophenia” as his long-anticipated debut release on the London-based Submundo Recordings imprint. The track boasts several layers of complex sound design that gel together beautifully, before driving home a high-energy and hypnotic finale.

6AM Premiere: Viriato “Apophenia” – Submundo Recordings

I’ve experimented with sound design for almost 15 years. More recently, I’ve been using specialised microphones to pick up all sorts of beautiful noises coming from everyday electric appliances. I find the craziest sounds and patterns this way; it just gives me the unusual textures and vibe I’m after in my tracks.

On experimenting with musical elements

After listening to “Apophenia”, the meticulous sound sculpting and subtle accents throughout the track become apparent. “When producing music, I don’t try to follow formulas or set ways of doing things,” Viriato explains. “I let the energy and groove at the moment guide me; it’s a feeling.” Viriato offers something unusual that blurs the lines of techno in its classical form, while at the same time spiraling steadily toward a full-on warehouse crescendo. His refreshing take on techno is starting to make waves and we’re excited to hear more from this Portuguese experimentalist throughout 2021.


Photography by Arnalda Peixoto

Digital release available March 19 across all major music platforms.

One of the latest Portuguese producers to breakthrough in techno, Viriato is making waves as he translates his artistic vision through his own label, Submundo Recordings. Viriato’s hard-hitting yet ethereal, earthy sound is a forging of abstract field recordings and experimentation with analog equipment from his London-based studio, that is intent on taking the listener on a transcending voyage.

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