#TBT Series: The ’90s Sound of pre-EDM David Guetta

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
June 09, 2016

#TBT Series: The ’90s Sound of pre-EDM David Guetta

David Guetta 90s

If I mention the words “David Guetta” to anyone I party with these days, the instant reaction is that of a raised eyebrow and looks full of scorn and contempt. Joking aside, the truth is that although the French producer and DJ currently (and for the last 6 years) epitomizes the world and sound of EDM, he used to be a true symbol of 90’s and early 2000 house music.

Plenty have debated on Guetta’s change throughout the years, but the truth is that history clearly underscores his role as one of the mid-90’s pioneers of French house. Back then, he made a name for himself as one of the key influencers of Parisian nightlife as both a DJ and promoter of nights at such renowned Paris hot spots as Folies Pigalle, Queen, Bataclan, Palace and Les Bains, where he invited legendary names in the house like Little Louie Vega, David Morales, DJ Pierre and Roger Sanchez to join him on the turntables.

Guetta 90s

His first two albums, “Just A Little More Love” in 2002 and “Guetta Blaster” in 2004 preceded EDM both in sound and scope. Sandwiched between them, Guetta released his “F*** Me I’m Famous” compilation, which famously went gold – a definite big achievement for a compilation effort at the time. The sound of those first two LPs were decisively electro-pop, in no small part influenced by the likes of Depeche Mode, Dear Or Alive and New Order. “Guetta Blaster” heralded the beginning of Guetta’s true foray into the world frequented by the urban, popular artists that were soon to collaborate and influence his sound for the years to follow.

But before then, in the distant 90’s, Guetta’s sets were influential and a true representation of the house sound that permeated France, Europe and by default the iconic Balearic island of Ibiza. Below is a video of Guetta on the decks of Space Ibiza in the late 90’s, a perfect illustration of just how much things have changed in the fifteen odd years that have passed since.


Seems hard to believe? Check out Guetta’s 1992 track “Up & Away” feat. Robert Owens and released on Dance Pool. The garage-inspired house track made waves at the time, a true testament that Guetta is capable of not only playing true house music, but producing it as well.


Yet, it is perhaps Guetta’s first recorded single – a 1990 hip-hop collaboration with Sydney entitled “Nation Rap” – that best predicted Guetta’s current work with rap, hip-hop and pop artists in the form of today’s EDM, while demonstrating his versatility as a producer and DJ. Below is a video of the two musicians performing the single live on France’s FR3 TV channel back in 1991.


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