Taran & Lomov Talk Musical Inspirations & Share Special Mix

Author : Daisy Magana
September 28, 2020

Taran & Lomov Talk Musical Inspirations & Share Special Mix

Taran & Lomov have several musical inspirations, thanks in part to their early exposure to electronic music from their beginnings with the online magazine TestPress.news. Just as they love consuming music, sharing it is just as important and have been able to do so via their weekly Amber Muse Radio show. For the last 15 years, Taran & Lomov have embarked on a musical journey taking them from the dancefloor as event organizers to talent in the DJ booth. The DJ duo is making a name for themselves in the house and techno sphere capturing the attention of Nicole Moudaber, Tiga, Shadow Child and Laurent Garnier. They share why they don’t chase trends and how their different alias projects give them flexibility to experiment in the studio.

Hi, and thank you so much for taking the time to chat with 6AM. How are you guys doing these days?

  • Taran (T): Luckily in the summertime, we are used to running a series of open air boat parties, which let us hold six events in the past season respecting the Covid-19 official restrictions.
  • Lomov (L): Yes, we try to stay afloat.

What have you liked about the new change of pace in the last few months? Have you taken up new projects (personal or professional) or maybe taking more time to make sense of it all?

  • T: Yeah, we had to think of widening what we were doing before the pandemic. One of our new directions is a DJ class under Amber Muse for those who want to learn how to mix and be a DJ.
  • L: All this time we’ve been working a lot in the studio on new Taran & Lomov, Queer on Acid and Phonetica music. And I finally managed to finish the first tracks of my solo dark disco project East Cho, which soon will see the light of the day on Nein Records.

Listen: 6AM Guest Mix: Taran & Lomov

You guys have done it all: running your label, your work as artists and previous experience hosting events. Is there a moment that sticks out to you as a jumping point and you knew your career had just got a bit more serious?

  • T: As soon as we’re into everything connected to music for a long time, it’s hard to say if there was a certain jumping point… One of the big things that I can mention is that we joined the UNDER Festival core team, and had a great event in 2019. Unfortunately, we had to postpone it this year, and hopefully will manage to run it in 2021.
  • L: If we speak about music, despite the hard pandemic time, 2020 was and still is a very good year for us as music producers. In the spring we had a Phonetica single released on King Street Sounds, in the summer debuted with Taran & Lomov EP on Josh Wink’s Ovum Recordings. Now we’re really excited about our forthcoming Queer On Acid collaboration with Robert Owens which will drop on vinyl on Shadow Child’s Takeout imprint this October.

Having industry heavy-weights spin your record is priceless and probably one of the best feelings. Nicole Moudaber, Laurent Garnier and Robert Owens. What’s the “secret” to creating productions that catches the attention of top industry pros when music and tastes are subjective?

  • Taran: It doesn’t happen in one day, and requires a lot of hard work.
  • Lomov: We’re also not chasing trends, and always do what we like. What also helps is that we have different projects which are for different sound and this makes it possible to experiment with new ideas, not being limited to the framework of one style. Another important point is to try avoiding the typical and obvious patterns that are full of some of the popular musical genres on the scene.
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What was the first record you heard that someone you looked up to in the industry featured in their mix/set?

  • T: It was quite long ago so it’s hard to recall. I suppose it was Nicole Moudaber who played Taran & Lomov older track “Thunder Brothers” in her radio show.
  • L: Last year we came up with Queer On Acid project, and a track from the first EP caught the attention of Shadow Child straight away, so he played “Bed Drama” in few Rinse FM shows in a row.

Who are some artists you can’t get enough of as of late?

  • T: I totally like what Zenker Brothers does and what they put on their Ilian Tape.
  • L: For me it would be Felix Leifur and Claro Intelecto. If we speak about DJs, I listen to every single Jane Fitz radio show.

In a time where it feels music is all we got, what kind of vibes and mood did you want to create for your guest mix?

  • T: As in our weekly Amber Muse radio show, in this mix we tried to tell a sonic story, to build it up with tracks of different moods, genres, rhythmic patterns.
  • L: Hope you enjoy it.

Anything else you want to share?

  • T: We’d better wish a speedy recovery to the entire music industry.
  • L: And remember to always listen to good music.