Onur Ozman

Premiere: Onur Ozman Delivers Three Original Cuts on Yoshitoshi with “Conflicting Stories” EP

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the name Onur Ozman.

The Turkish producer who now calls Switzerland home has been serving up deep, complex techno for years, with fantastic EP’s on labels like 303Lovers, Noir Music, Sincopat, and now Yoshitoshi. Compared to the many “business” techno producers of today, it would be impossible to call Onur’s sound formulaic. He incorporates complex, unique sound design that draws from acid, Detroit, and other styles to create something that is singularly his own.

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In Interview with Khainz

There must be something in the water in Luzern, the town that label regular Khainz calls home. The Swiss producer has been churning out tremendous, polished dancefloor bombs for over a decade, and this effort has culminated in his third studio album and first since 2012: Fingerprint, out on Yoshitoshi on June 28th, 2019.

If you’ve heard Khainz’s music, you know his tracks are equal parts heavy groove and brilliant sound design. Fingerprint shows the scope of Khainz’s skills with track after track of heavy, club-focused composition that flirts with both delicate, beautiful melodies and savage techno sounds. In a world where many believe that the dance music album is increasingly irrelevant, Khainz proves the contrary with a stunning body of work that sounds like much more than just a collection of tracks.

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CJ Jeff Returns on Yoshitoshi Recordings with Raw and Gritty “Eye Contact” EP Featuring Mathias Kaden Remix

Over the past few years, CJ Jeff has become an integral part of the Yoshitoshi roster, first with his remix of Eddie Amador’s 6AM (we love that track name!) and then with his debut label EP Pitch Black. His music is a raw, unadulterated mix of tech house and techno that you can always count on shaking things up at the party. CJ goes dark and gritty with loads of funk on his new EP Eye Contact.

The title track is nothing short of gargantuan. Its heavy, driving bass riffs and pounding drums are pulled straight from the techno bible, and CJ combines them with distorted vocals and acid square wave riffs that keep it lively over a big bottom end that roars through subwoofers like a monster. To kick things up a notch, we’re very exctied to welcome German house honcho Mathias Kaden to Yoshitoshi with a remix of ‘Eye Contact’ that balances out CJ’s brutal mix with a jacking house groove. Mathias is known for his funky and minimal tracks and his remix is as textbook as it gets, deploying bouncy bass and warm, classic-sounding drums and a breakdown to send the floors into a frenzy.

On the B-side CJ wraps up this great EP with ‘Silver Spoon,’ a slightly deeper but still energetic techno roller sporting a Detroit-style chord stab riff and plenty of percussion. One can’t help to be transformed to another time and dimension with Silver Spoon. We think that place is a dark warehouse.

As 6AM premieres the title track from Eye Contact, we took the chance to catch up with CJ Jeff following our interview and Global Vibe Radio mix with him last year.

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Sharam Releases Final Collecti Remix Package Featuring Reworks by Animal Trainer and Khainz

After a resoundingly successful first pack of Collecti remixes, Sharam is back with the second installment, and this time it’s a Swiss double-header. First up is Zürich-based Animal Trainer, known for their deep and melodic take on techno, who reworked Sharam’s ‘Napoli’ into an entirely new beast. The guys lifted the original’s catchy acid riff and wove it into a complex tapestry of beautiful and ethereal melodies. Swirling synth leads and lush pads create a sonic atmosphere that transports listeners to another dimension, one where beauty and darkness coexist peacefully.

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Yoshitoshi Recordings Celebrates Record Store Day 2018 with “Barn Finds”

To celebrate Record Store Day 2018, the Yoshitoshi crew went to a secret storage facility that label owner Sharam has kept under wraps. What they found in “the barn” did not disappoint: boxupon box of classics from the catalogue, as well as acetates, white labels, and promos, lay strewn about. How and when they arrived at this mysterious location is a long story for another time – what matters now is that they’ve been rescued, and are being put up for sale on Yoshitoshi’s brand new web store.

“I’m really excited to unearth some of these classics from storage, which, due to recent inclement weather conditions, required immediate rescue. Even I was surprised by some of the finds, there was some amazing stuff in there that took to me down memory lane! The promos we particularly interesting – nowadays, a 500-run vinyl pressing is notable. But back in the day, we used to press up 2-300 just to give out to promo to DJs. It’s cool to see this material again after quite some time.” – Sharam


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Premiere: Belocca Contributes to Yoshitoshi’s Latest 4 Points Series With Techno-Tinged “Secrets Of The Moon”

Nine years after the original idea of 4 Points, Yoshitoshi brings back the concept at a time when acknowledging the multicultural facets of house and techno seems more important than ever.

If you’ve been a fan of the label for a while, you may remember the original series from 2008. The idea was simple: take four great artists from different parts of the world and present their music as a cohesive celebration of international artistry.

Hungary’s Belocca is well-known as prolific and talented producer, and his contribution to this release solidifies the reputation. His “Secrets Of The Moon” endeavor brings together rough, syncopated rhythms and beautiful, dark melodies, resulting in a peak-time track that builds and releases with the energy of a cannon.

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5 Money Tips for Music Artists

Guest post by Nick Garcia, label manager of Sharam’s Yoshitoshi Recordings.

For all it’s chocked up to be, the DJ/producer lifestyle is usually not as glamorous as it sounds, especially when it comes to money.  For every uber-successful artist with a Porsche and a villa in Ibiza, there are countless more who don’t know where their next rent check will come from.  Performance, remix, and licensing fees don’t just fall from the sky, and chances are those streaming statements can barely pay for a cup of coffee.  Therefore, I’ve compiled five tips for artists who find themselves struggling financially to maximize what their money can do, both now and in the future.

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Premiere: Listen to Trent Cantrelle’s “What I Need” Off Of Forthcoming EP On Yoshitoshi

Los Angeles-based producer and DJ Trent Cantrelle is back on Sharam’s Yoshitoshi with a bold three-track EP.

This is Trent’s third outing on the imprint, a strong and impinging release that brilliantly showcases Trent’s eclectic production skills and dexterity in the studio. Scheduled for a May 19th release, Transmit That Style showcases Trent’s proclivity for crazy sound design and highly layered arrangements.

We are premiering “What I Need” off the EP, a track characterized by a strong and funky bass line, captivating sound effects and mesmerizing percussions. This is a classic Trent track, the type of sound that has made him a household name for underground electronic music fans throughout the world. Groovy, dazzling and enrapturing, “What I Need” is filled with throwback deep house elements that make it an instant dance floor favorite.

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Global Vibe Radio 060 feat. Yoshitoshi’s Wolf Story

The 60th episode of Global Vibe Radio comes courtesy of house duo and Yoshitoshi recording artists Wolf Story.

“There are many stories about wolves and hunters. From Little Red Riding Hood to the Chronicles of Narnia, one thing you can be sure of is that a wolf will never be too far from the action. Applying the mysticism of our canine friends to their musical output, Miami based duo Steve Sanx and Rico from Paris formed Wolf Story.” Data Transmission

Enjoy it via streaming below:

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Yoshitoshi Boss Sharam Shares 10 Los Angeles Inspired Tracks

On May 6th Yoshitoshi founder and label-head Sharam is heading to Los Angeles’ Avalon Nightclub, where he is scheduled to play with special guest Oliver Dollar.

Today, the veteran producer and DJ shared with us ten tracks inspired by the city of Los Angeles, which you can listen to in the playlist below. When introducing the selection, Sharam stated: “This playlist showcases some of the highlights from Yoshitoshi’s recent catalogue as well some other huge tunes that have been featured in my recent sets.  Please enjoy and I hope to see all my LA fans at the Avalon May 6th for my show with Oliver Dollar!”

Tickets are available via Seetickets and don’t forget that we are also running a ticket giveaway for the upcoming show, which you can enter here.


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