Music to listen to while studying

10 Electronic Music Artists to Listen to While Studying

Music can be effective when studying because it increases concentration levels and keeps you motivated.

There are different genres that have been hailed as the best ones for studying and electronic music leads the pack.

Underground electronic music has different subgenres that you can listen to while studying, from slow instrumentals to faster-paced tracks with higher BPMs. If you are keen on listening to underground techno and house music while artists but don’t know the best artists, here is a list of 10 artists to press play to next time you’re studying.

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Wehbba Returns to Drumcode with “Straight Lines & Sharp Corners” Album

Landing 10 years after his first concept album Full Circle, Wehbba announces the March release of his upcoming Straight Lines and Sharp Corners LP, marking his debut album on Drumcode.

Following a series of globally adored EPs and inclusions within the imprint’s esteemed A-Sides compilation series, the chart-dominating São Paulo native now reflects upon his life as ‘the artist’, offering an immersive montage of stories that echo a tenacious dedication to his craft. Enlisting the talents of multi-instrumentalist Thomas Gandey, Electroclash pioneer David Carretta and fellow Brazilian L-cio, with his unparalleled flute mastery, Wehbba’s synergetic cuts span the breadth of electronic music’s sonic landscape, as he challenges the notion of genres with seasoned voices.

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DJ Set vs Live Set?

In the past, stadiums and giant arenas were mainly reserved for rock bands, rappers, orchestras, and popular singers. Yet, as the years have passed by and electronic music’s popularity has soared, DJs have found a way to be a part of these arenas, gaining the following, respect and attention that other major bands and artist have been receiving for decades.

As the electronic music scene has grown, millions of music fans around the world have taken to local nightclubs, festivals and arenas to listen to their favorite DJs. If you are a newcomer to the electronic music dance scene, however, it is possible that there are some terms used around which may be confusing to you, such as when flyers have the words “Live Set” or “DJ Set” next to an artist’s name. What do they mean exactly and what is the difference between the two?

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Repopulate Mars Returns for the Summer with New Compilation Album “Outer Limits”


Repopulate Mars makes their arrival for the summer of 2019 with their new compilation album Outer Limits. This compilation features eighteen cuts from an array of established and emerging talent. Repopulate have been responsible for releasing music from the like of Michael Bibi, Solardo, CamelPhat, Detlef, and more. Repopulate Mars has cemented themselves as one of the most defining house music labels in recent years.

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How Electronic Music Affects Your Body, Brain and Mood

It is an obvious fact that almost everybody is a fan of some type of electronic music.

In fact, some people have so much love for music that you will find a student failing to submit his term paper in time because he was “held up” at the dance floor, or went to a festival, listening to their favorite music. Smarter college students with music addiction have now resorted to contracting service providers like Edusson to help with academic paper writing service, so that they can have a free weekend to catch up with a concert in town.

So what does music do to your brain, so that you always find yourself leaving everything that would be called important, just to go listen to someone entertaining people in some far away town? Spiritual fundamentalists would call that a spirit, while others will say it is an addiction, but one thing remains a puzzle-how strong is the spirit or addiction, as to make a student opt for the services of a research paper writer, just because he can’t afford to miss it? This is the one question that almost every paper on the topic of music has struggled to explain.

There are several impacts that electronic music will cause on your body, brain and mood.

Amazing Research Findings on Sad Music

There are two types of emotional responses to music, according to research: what is felt and what is perceived. The implication is that though it is perceived, and indeed known that this kind of music belongs to the “sad” category, there is a difference in how it impacts the brains and minds, and therefore bodies of different individuals. As such, you will find people who derive feelings of romance from sad music; even though the general perception is that everything about it is sad.

Music Boosts Endurance

There are times when the going is too tough-the times when you just need more energy to cover the remaining minutes of exercise. These are the times when smart people know how to reap the benefits of listening to music. Research has shown that music actually boosts your urge to continue, even when your energy bank seems to run dry. Music somehow comforts the brain with the feeling of “though it seems to be too tough, there’s something sweet in your company”. Well, that must be very good news to some student somewhere who has a backlog of work to complete within a very short time. Just ensure you don’t enjoy it too much until it pulls you away from the task-but is it gets too tough, you still have the option of finding online research paper writing service if you won’t adjust as much as you may need to.

More Music Means More Active

How can this be? The relationship between your favorite music and the brain can be such an interesting one. There are a lot of ways in which your brain reacts to music. Look at, for example, how willingly your brain memorizes the lyrics and tunes of your favorite electronic music, when it is very difficult for the same brain to memorize the step-by-step process of writing a paper.
Some studies have shown that learning music can help in the development of vocabularies and boost verbal reasoning.

Gottfried Schlaug of Harvard Medical School even says that musicians have different nerve makeup from non-musicians, in that they have more nerve bundles connecting their left and right brains. Have you, for example wondered why music is very instrumental in treating some neurological disorders? It all boils down to one fact: music engages several areas of the brain like the visual, motor and auditory res, all at the same time. So what all this means is that you won’t be surprised to find out that the musician next door always gets it right before you can figure it out!

Music’s Medicinal Effects.

You have seen many people have some soft music playing next to them when they are sick. Well, the medicinal value of music today goes beyond the healing rituals. It is well engrained in scientific corridors that music does something to make the body feel better in times of sickness. Some great scientists like Plato have even suggested the use of music to treat anxiety and weak emotions. Music is also known to inhibit fatigue. Many scientific findings have also linked music to changes in pulse and respiration rates.

What this means is that music can be used to institute some comfort in the sick, which then allows the body to relax and “feel good”, with the overall final outcome of possibly functioning better in terms of fighting disease and responding to medication. However, studies have also shown that very high-pitched music can also cause anxiety and panic, subjecting the body system to immediate strain that can lead to severe health implications. But you could still argue that this just serves to justify the medicinal value of music-doesn’t an overdose of conventional medicine hurt?

Attitudinal Adjustment

In ancient days, music was used to soothe the soul in difficult times. The biblical David was called to play a musical instrument to comfort King Soul whenever he was troubled. In some parts of the world, like Africa, music is used at funerals to comfort the bereaved. Even scientists have confirmed that music is a mood booster. If you are of the ever busy lot, like those who work in the research writing service sector, you will always find some music playing on the background so useful whenever your moods seem to go south.

Music Makes You Alert and Active

Did we say music has health benefits? Research has come to back this by establishing that the there are great health benefits, especially to seniors, of singing out loud. Seniors who live alone with nobody to talk to can count on music to always keep them engaged.

9 Ways To Get New Track Ideas

You’ve likely had that lazy weekend-long feeling or the Sunday-post-hangover feels — the kind that lets you go to work but in autopilot mode as you face your tasks, completely spacing out as you stare blankly at your synthesizer thinking of what kind of music to produce now or how to finish that mix you’ve been working on. No matter how much you love music production and writing song lyrics, there can always come a time where you will just feel stuck. So what do you do? The wrong thing to do is to sit on your ass and watch the clock go “tick-tock, tick-tock”— you have to find inspiration.

Finding inspiration will make you more motivated, making it easier for you to get new track ideas. No matter what field of job you are in, inspiration is a must. It is the stimulus that results in efficient work. If music pays for your living, you cannot afford to waste time. Push yourself and let inspiration find you.

Here are 9 ways that you might finding inspiration to get new ideas for the tracks you are working on:

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30 Essential Underground Dance Music Venues in the United States


After featuring 25 essential clubbing destinations for house and techno in Asia, it’s now time to highlight our very own underground dance music scene here in the States.

While we originally narrowed down our list to 23 essential underground dance music destinations, we recently expanded it to a total of 30 venues you should take the time to visit for techno and house here in the United States. Here they are in alphabetical order by city:

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Tech House: Is It The “New EDM”?

There is little doubt (if any) that the electronic music soundscape is constantly evolving, with new sub-genres emerging in recent years. One particular sub-genre though is gaining more attention and playtime than ever before, and that genre is tech house.

This is more evident as of late with tech house gaining more attention in the scene than ever. Case in point is the Las Vegas casino/hotel Wynn Las Vegas whose XS nightclub has recently made tech house artists Jamie Jones, Solomun, and Black Coffee as the club’s new resident DJs under the banner “We Are The Future”. And in the EDM hub of Ibiza, clubs like Pacha and Ushuaïa, have been gradually going for tech house DJs over the past few years.

Perhaps the most telling, or damning as some may say, is the report from Beatport last year that tech house had now overtaken traditional EDM to become its biggest selling music genre.

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Attend More Festivals and Raves: Science Says They Make You Happier

A study conducted in Australia with a sample size of 1,000 people has concluded that people who regularly attend festivals, raves and music concerts are happier with their lives overall than those who do not.

We have always known that art in general and music tend to increase any given person’s happiness level, but this particular study reports that people who go to communal music events on a regular basis are far more satisfied with their life in general than those who abstain from such activities.

The study “explores the connection between habitual music engagement and subjective wellbeing (SWB),” where ‘habitual music engagement’ might be anything from attending music festivals to just going to the club.

The findings revealed that engaging with music by dancing or attending musical events was associated with higher SWB than for those who did not engage with music in these forms. The findings also emphasised the important role of engaging with music in the company of others with regard to SWB, highlighting an interpersonal feature of music.

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Amsterdam Looking To Introduce Strict Sound Limitations For Festivals Within City Limits

Amsterdam’s City Council could be introducing new limitations that limit sound for festivals within city limits.

The move, which is being pushed by local residents that asking for reduced sound levels, would see decibel limit pushed down to 85db.

According to the proposed measure promoters will “need to take more measures to reduce the inconvenience for residents. For example, the organizers of festivals must conduct permanent acoustic research during the event.”

A spokesman for the council said: “Organizers are now mainly concerned with how the sound sounds on the field. According to the new rules, they will also have to focus on the question of the effect of noise on the environment, and how to minimize the inconvenience.”

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