gegen berlin

Global Vibe Radio 330 Feat. OCD (Gegen)

Hailing from Berlin, Germany is OCD. As a resident of Gegen Records and Interzone, she finds pleasure in modern rhythms that can create overwhelming emotions. For OCD, it is her mission to go beyond the boundaries of techno and explore its rigidness and rage.

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Domenico Crisci

Global Vibe Radio 329 Feat. Domenico Crisci (Summa Cum Laude)

After releasing records on L.I.E.S, Jealous God, Semantica, and his own label project Summa Cum Laude to name a few, Domenico Crisci quickly rose to prominence among purveyors of timeless techno.

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spanish techno

Global Vibe Radio 328 Feat. The Reactivitz (Immersion)

The Reactivitz can be considered as one of those fast-rising artists whose skills and perseverance allowed him to reach the support of the techno music industry. Despite his young age, The Reactivitz scored several charting hits and signed on world-relevant labels including Suara, Intec, Filth On Acid, Octopus, Form, Footwork, and 1605 to name a few. His sound, characterized by dark atmospheres, loud drums, and groovy basslines, has been highlighted by many producers worldwide.

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konstantin sibold

Global Vibe Radio 327 Feat. Konstantin Sibold (Afterlife, Innervisions, Running Back)

In the studio, just as in the DJ booth, Konstantin lives and breathes the idea that music is fluid and that setting constraints based on convention and expectation will only hinder musical personality. He moves fleet-footed between musical categories, with characteristic confidence and a quintessential style that shines through.

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John Monkman

Global Vibe Radio 326 Feat. John Monkman (Beesemyer Music)

John Monkman shares his mix that was recorded live from Glastonbury 2022. As an exhilarating live performer, he is always tasked with the goal of bringing his vast array of captivating musical productions to life in a thrilling presentation of sound and emotion.

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global radio

Global Vibe Radio 325 Feat. Barbosa (ID Music Records)

Featuring for this this week’s Global Vibe Radio Mix is Canadian powerhouse Barbosa — an electronic music artist who presents an experimental mixing style that blurs the lines between hypnosis and brutality. Since his start within the underground scene of Canada, Barbosa’s organic productions and highly unique sets quickly generated a platform for new creators to release their definitive productions on his imprint Heist Mode.

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detroit techno artists

Global Vibe Radio 324 Feat. Henry Brooks (Horizons)

Detroit-based DJ Henry Brooks is no stranger to the sounds of Dark, Melodic, and Driving techno. From playing piano and guitar at a young age, his love for music eventually led him to dance music in 2013. As fate would have it, Henry would start DJing in 2016 after taking a leap of faith in his craft.

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Global Vibe Radio 322 Feat. unperson

This week’s Global Vibe Radio mix comes from an enigmatic figure in today’s techno scene, only known as unperson. While their mix does the talking, it was sent to us with a brief and yet clear message: “Oblivion will save you”.

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hypnotic techno

Global Vibe Radio 316 Feat. DEAS (ARTS)

Based in Poland, DEAS (aka Karol Mozgawa) is a DJ and producer who has a style of blending various types of techno. Creating music without boundaries, his expressive take on techno features a perfect balance of psychedelia, raw, deep, melodic, and heavy elements. As DEAS continues to hold two residencies at Smolna and Tama, top-notch venues in Poland, he is not stopping at becoming an unforgettable DJ and producer in Europe, but internationally as well.

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DJ interview

Amotik’s Calling to Techno and His Drive for Sharing It

Amotik has steadily developed a signature sound of techno that is atmospheric, hypnotic, and raw. As a DJ and producer, his music has earned him the privilege of performing at many clubs and festivals around the world and making guest appearances on labels such as Tommy Four Seven’s 47, Len Faki’s label Figure, and Ellen Allien’s label BPitch (also known as BPitch Control). All the while, he has maintained his residency at the renowned venue Goethebunker in Essen, Germany.

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