Premiere: Gagarin’s “Phenomenology” EP Brings Together Four Distinctive Sounds Into One Release

Gagarin’s latest EP, Phenomenology, is a collection of four individual pieces, each based or featuring an event, a sound, a “thing “ – a phenomenon.

Originally a drummer, Gagarin creates music that crosses boundaries from sound art to dance music to free improvisation to ambient. His recent work, including his album “Corvid”, is driven by aching melody, treated and raw found sounds, subtle beat programming, distressed atmospheres, and space. His influences lie as much in psychogeography, acoustic ecology and beat science as they do in the wide range of music that inform him.

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Premiere: Uncrat Launches Proper Line EP With “A Present From My Plant” EP

Uncrat kick-starts its Proper Line label activity with his A Present From My Plant EP, an impressive solo release crafted by Donato himself.

The EP is driven by the mix of organic atmospheres and metal percussion. Recognizable inside, are some adverbial locutions and verses, typical of human beings.

The combination of voices and waning melodies that seem to come from an existence far from our present. The whole EP is meant for the dancefloor, melodic, lunatic and emotional.

It’s imbued with a sense of melancholy and carefree at the same time, using sounds, which are found somewhere in the last years of the last century. The sense of darkness is around the corner but is cleverly stifled by evocative pads and voice notes, not all.

The acid squelching treatment given by Uncrat will leave the listener with a good rusty taste and the thirst for more.

A Present From My Plant EP is available via Proper Line’s Bandcamp

Premiere: Rich Wakley Drops His “Underdog” EP on SOUP NYC With Remixes from Skapes, Joeski and Zenbi

Rich Wakely drops the superb Underdog EP on SOUP NYC: two sterling house cuts with sublime remixes from Skapes, Joeski and Zenbi.

Whether it’s topping the charts, releasing on labels like Avotre, Suara, Lost and Roush or blasting out sets all over the world, Rich Wakely’s mix of solid beats and infectious grooves is receiving plaudits the world over.

As a producer and label manager, he has crafted many chart-topping hits, received continual BBC Radio 1 airplay and helping to launch a multitude of careers, while recent releases on OFF, Definition, Mile End and Resonance – bolstered by remixes from the likes of Darius Syrossian and Jamie Trench – have established Rich Wakely as a force to be reckoned with.

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Dustin Zahn and Joel Mull Team Up For “Way of the Wild” EP Collaboration on Parabel

Two of techno’s most recognized names, Minneapolis’ Dustin Zahn and Stockholm’s Joel Mull, join forces for the next EP on Sweden’s Parabel label, Way of the Wild.

.The four-tracker is the result of countless years of friendship, and several solid months of work in the studio together. The EP begins with “Vesperum Winds,” a track carried forward by rolling drums and ominous notes, possibly inspired by the northern evening winds that engulf the Swedish landscape outside of Stockholm, where Mull still lives.

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Premiere: Listen to Max Gardner’s “Mona Loops” on San Francisco Label Excise

Excise is thrilled to host San Francisco underground fixture Max Gardner on the label’s 3rd vinyl release. Max runs the legendary Californian party crew Direct to Earth, and he’s equally a hypnotic DJ selector and highly skilled synthesist. As you’ll see on this release, Max’s tracks are not only excellent DJ tools, but also deeply interesting for close-listening: truly unique electronic music difficulty to pigeonhole into a genre.

The Broken Knives and Pinkies EP begins with the track we are premiering today, “Mona Loops.” It is an immersive experience on club speakers as an eerie high-pitched synth line twists in unexpected ways over powerful waves of bass. Next, Max remixes label co-owner Muon‘s track “KMC”, redefining its raw elements into a blitzing four and half minute romp held together by a jagged low-mid frequency lead line.

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Premiere: Listen to Samuel Dan’s Title Track From Forthcoming “Boodang” EP on Roush Label

Gaining inspiration from his father, who was a DJ and programmer, Samuel Dan always had a great appreciation for music. After experimenting with rock music. the Spanish DJ started booking gigs in 2005 and traveled to Germany, where he performed at popular clubs as a student. While getting to know some of the biggest labels in the industry, he developed his productions skills and released on various imprints including Dirtybird.

Now, Samuel is getting ready to drop Boodang on Roush Label. A four- track EP consisting on a variety of tech-house sounds featuring rugged basslines, distorted kick drums and synth melodies. His unique production style shows throughout his tracks with a variety of grooves and intricate rhythms that will give you a “laid-back” feel.

We are excited to be premiering the title track for you today.

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One Child Policy Showcases Kinetic and Thought Provoking Soundscapes in “Cultural Transmissions” Debut EP

Out on Los Angeles based VRV, One Child Policy‘s debut introduces the electronic music world to a new and distinct sound. Featuring a yin and yang selection of tracks, Cultural Transmissions (available for pre-order here) contains productions that are both club-ready and cerebral in nature, kinetic and moving while simultaneously exercising the mind into new dimensions.

One Child Policy (1CP) is a project born out of the LA’s colorful San Gabriel Valley Chinese area, a fusion of sorts that sees the amalgamation of electronica with a background of classical music, electrical engineering and sound design. The results are peculiar, in a most positive way, with distorted vocals, mind-bending synth leads, gritty yet warm percussions and an overall atmospheric aura that carries through all his tracks.

The exploration of his own Asian-American heritage sees 1CP deliver musical content that is both ethereal and thought-provoking, all the while accessible to those looking to get lost in one of Los Angeles’ iconic and raw warehouse parties.

The EP is layered with interesting sounds and proves to be an homage to the producer’s roots. It opens up with the booming “Yin,” a track characterized by a recurring arpeggio, and picks up the energy with “Red Coast Base Surveillance,” featuring lo-fi pads bleeding over a menacing bass line. With “Only Me” we see 1CP dive into the dichotomy of a Chinese American upholding filial piety (孝) towards his family, addressed by the call and response of the voices in the track, the apparent moody pads and heady TB-303 atmospheres. Showcasing his eclectic taste, “Chasing the Dragon” blurs the genre lines in more ways than one, bringing disco samples to a techno landscape, the result a nod to UK garage that will surely get people dancing.  Closing out the EP is the title track, once again using the power of contrast to brilliant results. 1CP tunes and processes the sound of Chinese fireworks to produce sonic outputs that are then laid over silky vocals and mesmerizing pads.

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Premiere and FREE Download: Listen to Cabrillo’s “Soul Box” out on LAMP

Reworked, Re-rubbed, Remixed, Reimagined. Spectrums is a new compilation series from LAMP focusing on artists who are re-envisioning some of their favorite songs while pushing the boundaries of their creativity.Periodically, LAMP will select tracks that span multiple genres across the spectrum of electronically produced music and showcase them in this compilation series.

Today we are premiering Cabrillo’s “Soul Box” from the compilation release, which we are also giving away with a FREE Download available here.

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Premiere: Listen to Native Origin’s “Calvin Klein” from “28 Nights” EP

In today’s oversaturated dance music market, if you catch yourself chasing trends then you’ve already lost. Native Origin won’t be pigeonholing himself anytime soon, though. The Denver DJ and producer has incorporated a multitude of sounds into his debut EP, 28 Nights, whose unique four-on-the-floor style sounds like nothing else out there.

House, techno, trance, trap and breakbeat have each found themselves in Native Origin’s repertoire at one time or another. When his production expertise reached the professional level he asked himself, “Why not mix them all together?” The five singles he turned out within the 28 days that followed are as danceable as they are cerebral; they’re an exercise in breaking all the rules while maintaining an accessible appeal and cutting a record that makes a singular, memorable musical statement.

The first song on the EP is “Get It Get It,” which opens up with sublimely textured bass kicks before a chorus of sounds on the high end weave their way into the arrangement. The song goes through a series of well-executed changes whose influences include G house and Orlando breaks.

Calvin Klein” follows, painted from a shade of the electronic music spectrum that falls somewhere between tech house and minimal techno. A syncopated drum pattern perfectly segues the first part of the song into the next, at which point a resonant, throbbing bass line underscores the echoing male vocal refrain on the top line.

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Premiere: Listen to Riccio’s Summer House Tune “Here You Are” on Bosconi Extra Virgin

After the last acclaimed Pretty Eyes EP, and releases on Slow Town, Fly By Night and Messalina “Don” Riccio is back on Bosconi Extra Virgin with a new four tracker EP fully inspired by his new residence in the middle of the mediterranean sea and where all his palette of different styles has been included.

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