Swann Helps You Navigate Through a Music Journey

Author : Max Spruill
June 29, 2022

Swann Helps You Navigate Through a Music Journey

A unique groove that amazes and transports you on a psychedelic voyage. That is the trademark of Swann Decamme and the reason for the increasing success of this dedicated laborer of electronic music. Swann, the founder of Paris-based label Curiosity Music, is a DJ and producer who distinguishes himself by his open-minded style navigating deep, minimal and tech house, with a predilection for hypnotic loops and sound waves.

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He combines groovy rhythms and synthetic melodies to create incisive tracks, penetrating the brain like powerful psychotropic agents. His high-quality productions have attracted the attention of techno legends such as Richie Hawtin, as well as new talents of deep house and a young crowd, inspired by Burning Man experiences. The last few years, Swann has released EPs on acclaimed labels, such as Dawn Till Dusk (Melbourne), Earthly Delights (New York), Magician On Duty(Miami), Time Has Changed(Paris), Crossings (Londres) and Balance Music (Melbourne).

A true globe-trotter, Swann Decamme has appeared regularly in clubs and festivals in Europe, the United States and the Caribbean. Swann is the co-founder and artistic director of Martinique island-based L’Amour à la Plage festival, started in 2019. He’s organized all series of this crowd-pleasing event, which combines music, artistic expression and good food in breathtaking surroundings. In 2022, after his first US tour, he got back to London, Paris and the West Indies. In collaboration with Marcan Liav, Swann is also working on Enigma, a new concept of events based on letting go and a more mystical atmosphere. Part of the profits will go to bio diversity protection. He’ll see you this summer on the Mediterranean Sea.

With a lot under his belt and much more on the horizon, Swann sits down with us to chat about it.

Hi Swann, thanks so much for talking to 6AM, how are you doing?

Hi guys, I’m fine thanks, I’m finally back in Paris after 3 months on tour. June will be a month without gigs, only studio.

Looks like things are starting to come back to normal and you were able to play in the US for the first time, how has that experience been like for you?

Yes, since the beginning of the year gigs have started again, it’s quite positive, it was about time!

My first experience in the USA was superb, I had been waiting for my VISA for a year and a half, with the COVID period everything was delayed.

I played at Do Not Sit Miami and at Palosanto in New York, it was incredible, I had a great time, I met some great people and I can’t wait to go back!


Speaking of playing somewhere for the first time, are there any other new places you will be playing at soon? What’s your tour schedule looking like?

In July I will be playing for the first time at the Chateau Perché Festival on the Lascarcapac stage, the event has been sold out for several months, I will be playing the closing of the main stage for the sunrise, I have to say I’m very excited. Then I’m going back to the Caribbean and I will do the combo Martinique and Guadeloupe.

In September I will discover a new part of the world, Tahiti and its islands. I have a tour planned with in Papeete, Moorea and Bora Bora, it will be beautiful!

We heard about your upcoming EP releasing on Balance Music soon, as well as your remix of Marcan Liav’s album on Stripped Recordings. What were your challenges and lessons learned from these releases? Do you have any other new projects currently in the works?

The EP on Balance Music will arrive this year, I don’t have the exact date to tell you yet.

Concerning the remix of Marcan Liav that I recently finished it will be released on August 18th, it will be the part III of the remixes of his album Sanctuary.

Finally, I have an EP coming out on July 29th on the London label Crossings. It’s a collaboration with my friend Oktave from New York, you will find 2 original tracks and a remix from Joep Mencke. We are very happy with it!

When it comes to starting a new piece of music, what is your creative process like?

For a few years now I have stopped producing every day as I did when I started. I prefer to concentrate on production phases when I feel like it and when I am available. So I have a lot of creativity and I am much more productive!

I always start from scratch and add ideas quickly. I must say that when I am inspired the composition can go very fast. Then comes the arranging and mixing phases that I do myself. When I’m happy after several weeks of testing, in the studio, car or club, I send the tracks to my personal sound engineer to do the mastering.

The last bit is finding a label to sign on, and that can take a long time. Finding the right label for each specific track is complicated, and demands a lot of perseverance.

What advice would you give someone who is just starting out (a year or less)?

I don’t really have any advice to give other than to work hard and persevere. Get out, listen, connect. That’s one of the keys to success.

Thank you for answering our questions! Is there anything else you would like to share?

Thanks to you for the invitation!

Yes, the next edition of the festival I co-founded called L’Amour à la plage in Martinique will take place on Saturday, July 30. Save the date!

Also keep an eye out for the upcoming release by artist Jeremie Herreman on my label Curiosity Music.

By the way, I recorded the set of my last set at L’Amour à la plage. You can listen to it here.

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