Sven Vath 2015 Essential Mix

Author : Lee Trotter
July 05, 2015

Sven Vath 2015 Essential Mix

Sven Vath live

“When I was asked to do this Essential Mix I thought it might be something special to compile a selection of tracks from my label Cocoon Recordings. You’ll hear old stuff, current releases and some unreleased music which will be out soon.” – Sven Vath

Essential mixes for BBC are a milestone achievement in this industry, and are treated with the upmost respect. This past Fourth of July weekend, Sven Vath took to the BBC Radio 1 airwaves to deliver an essential mix encompassing the vast catalog of his label, Cocoon Recordings.

For the Cocoon edition of his Essential Mix, Papa Sven broke out tracks from artists such as Sascha Dive, Uner, Luca Ballerini, Daniel Stefanik, and even Boys Noize. The two hour essential mix is a complete testament to both Sven Vath and his beloved Cocoon Recordings, and needless to say is a musical journey that is well worth your complete and undivided attention. Techno and house at it’s absolute finest from one of the legends.

Various uploads of Sven Vath’s Essential Mix have started to surface, and can also be heard directly on the BBC Website until early August.

Sven Vath Essential Mix Tracklist

Minilouge – Atoms with Curiosity That Looks At Itself And Wonder Why It Wonders
Guido Schneider & André Galluzzi – Mario
Uner – Monamen
Dana Ruh – If You Don’t Know a Name
Sascha Dive – Werewolf
Traumer – Kiraf
Boys Noize – Adonis
Ilario Alicante – Thera (Steve Rachmad Remix)
Markus Suckut & Heil – Souls
Tom Demac – Axel Foley
Phil Kieran – Wasps Under My Toyboat (Planetary Assault System Remix)
Alex Bau – On Synth
Daniel Stefanik – Acid Track
Dast – Paranormal Effect
Alan Fitzpatrick – Truant
Gregor Tresher – About a Good Place
Sven Vath – Ritual of Life (Adam Port 108 Mix)
Luca Ballerini – Impressions of a Dawn (Alba in 4/4)
Tim Green – Eclipse