Super Color: Shaded Brings Serious Techno to a Fun Environment

Author : Lee Trotter
January 05, 2016

Super Color: Shaded Brings Serious Techno to a Fun Environment

Serious techno in a fun environment – Super Color aims to inject a newfound life and character into its series of events.

It’s a bright and sunny day in Newport Beach, California, and the conversation with Shaded begins on the subject of fashion. In between sips of coffee and micheladas we discuss the rise of all black fashion, especially in regards to how it became so prominent in dance music.

“It’s a recent thing, but the “dark” phase has always been going on in fashion forward places like London, Paris, or New York,” explains Shaded. “There’s always been an undercurrent, and it’s essentially high fashion that trickled into techno music”

There are always tastemakers within any industry, and the rise of minimal techno saw a new wave of artistic expression – both in fashion and music. Well-respected DJ’s embraced this fashion, and the natural progression led to a wide spread expression of minimalism and at times, seriousness.

“I think our music is serious in terms of creating it, but when you’re in a party environment there’s nothing serious about it – It’s very fun, and I feel the focus on dark clothing and the minimalistic vibe transcended into the DJ booth.”

SHADEDSuper Color embodies a very simple concept, but one that can sometimes get lost in the mix of nightlife culture. Simply put…Super Color is fun. In the event’s maiden voyage, Shaded and company transformed the small venue of La Cave into a mini techno playground complete with celebrity cardboard cutouts, Hawaiian shirts, and of course a massively worthy sound system. With vibrant colors and a warm atmosphere from a hometown crowd, Super Color is a refreshing take on traditional club nights.

“I always liked that idea of being entertained, but when I was thinking of a concept for Super Color I wanted it to be visually pleasing, but stylistically very simple and straight forward”12310079_1002292536476090_4033520487032850706_oAs Shaded further explains Super Color, events such as El Row or Sunflower immediately come to mind. I wasn’t the only one to think this, as one of Shaded’s friends also stated that the concept was reminiscent of El Row, but Shaded is quick to dispel this comparison. El Row is downright sensory overload with costumes, pool floats, confetti, choreographed dancers, and the list goes on, but Super Color maintains it’s own unique atmosphere.

“The idea isn’t to be like a carnival,” he says. “I want it to be the middle ground where it’s still simplistic, but well thought out and attention grabbing.”

Throughout 2016 Shaded and his concept of Super Color will manifest into a fun party environment that will stretch far beyond Southern California, with a universally applicable concept spreading positive music and energy. So be on the lookout for Super Color and the festive atmosphere it has to offer.