Waiting for the Weekend – Tracks from Martin Roth, Metrika, and Guests

Author : Jennifer Liu
September 13, 2015

Waiting for the Weekend – Tracks from Martin Roth, Metrika, and Guests


In a collaboration between London-based music collective Motek and yours truly, we present Sundays at Le Jardin with Martin Roth and Metrika, which will take place in the heart of Hollywood under the cordial rays of California sunshine. Come satiate your ears and curious minds with deeper shades of house, techno, and good vibes with a lineup of exquisite talent as well as a crowd of electronic music tastemakers.

Our event is happening on September 20 from 2-9PM and is free with RSVP. Join us for a groovy Sunday complete with a spiritual audio voyage and nonstop dancing. In the meantime, we have featured a taste of what is to come with several tracks from their respective artists. Enjoy


Martin Roth (Anjunadeep)

John Monkman – Rolling Frontier ft. Liz Cass (Martin Roth Remix)

This remix of John Monkman’s Rolling Frontier includes rolling kicks, ephemeral clicks, and uplifting vocals by Liz Cass. Seven minutes of pure bliss, a composition of sounds that makes you want to push the sky upward and traverse into a transcendental realm of existence.

Martin Roth – Mel

This track titled Mel is dark and hypnotic, an alluring contrast of droning synths and a tight drum set that metamorphoses between states of meditation and invigoration. This track is an example of Martin Roth’s ability to produce wordless stories by appealing to the primordial human response to music.

Metrika (Crosstown Rebels)

Metrika and Bastard Love – As A Fiction (Original Mix)

As A Fiction is a romantic alliteration of all things deep. This tune will make you want to dance your socks off with its 80s retro meets tech house vibes. Indeed, a song that is trippier than fiction and gets the brain juices flowing with nostalgia. Let’s get funky.

Matt Hardinge (Motek)

Ominous ft. Cari Golden – Shattered (Matt Hardinge Remix)

An orchestra of live instrument samples and artificial sound waves, Matt Hardinge’s remix of Shattered is a galactic deep techno interpretation executed with the warm sounds of the classic 808 drum machine. Cari Golden’s vocals are a celestial integration to the cerebral landscape reminiscent of older forms of trance.

Navitas (Motek)

Navitas – Run To Me (Original Mix)

Navitas brings a touch of energizing magic with Run To Me, an adventurous mood-setting track for those seeking a speedy escape from reality. The track’s tribal ascendance and four-on-the-floor beat give a lofty push in directing and sustaining a unified movement of the underground spirit.

J.Sanders (BWO Records, 6AM) 

J.Sanders – Cloudtricks (Original Mix)

Organic and inorganic percussion interact to create a complex system of sensations and thoughts in Cloudtricks. The second piece to J.Sanders’ Ellipse EP serves as a deep tech manifestation of the calculative chaos of the natural environment around us. A humbling listening experience.

Jamie Charles (Motek, Draft, 6AM)

Jamie Charles – Counter Culture (Original Mix)

A forthright piece to the self-titled Counter Culture EP, this track is majestically bohemian. It tickles the rudimental feelings of musical wanderlust, paving a path of unguided exploration with its rumbling kicks, intermittent psychedelic chants, and crystalline echoes.