Suleiman Welcomes ‘New Order’ with Cesare vs Disorder

Cesare vs Disorder Suleiman
Author : Max Spruill
April 26, 2023

Suleiman Welcomes ‘New Order’ with Cesare vs Disorder

Suleiman is a Canadian record label welcoming the return of Brazil-based Cesare vs Disorder who delivers a new EP with four tracks in his usual stripped back style.

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Cesare vs Disorder’s style is hard to pigeon hole as it’s an eclectic mix of elements from different genres. He also makes sound for film and TV which reflects in the trippy atmosphere of his electronic music productions.

This is the second time that Cesare vs Disorder has featured on Suleiman and there is a range of genres featured on the release, which is titled ‘New Order’.

All of the tracks are superbly produced, but depending on personal tastes, then some people will naturally be drawn to some tracks more than others, depending on the genre they prefer most.

“New Order” is the first track on the release and it is house music with warm synth pads, haunting strings and a rolling piano as its central feature.

“Abaya” is a deep tech track with spacious atmosphere that’s got double bass riffs and twisted synths layered with snippets of vocal and a medley of jazz samples.

“Limanade” is an avant-garde, deep tech track with a subtle 2-step influence linked to the breakbeat percussion that forms the track’s foundation. It’s submerged atmospherics and razor-sharp synth line give it a psychedelic sound.

“Sogno Di Una Notte Di Mezza Estate” changes the pace with a downtempo groove that has sparkling melodies and a delicate vocal layered with breakbeat percussion to create electronica with an organic sound.

You can buy a copy HERE.

Connect with Cesare vs Disorder: SoundCloud | Instagram | Beatport

Connect with Suleiman Records: SoundCloud | Instagram | Beatport