Subios Label Boss, TiM TASTE Releases on Shadow Wulf

TiM TASTE Shadow Wulf
Author : Max Spruill
December 09, 2022

Subios Label Boss, TiM TASTE Releases on Shadow Wulf

Newest release on Shadow Wulf is SW029, “Dizzy Bee” [EP] from German producer TiM TASTE. Subios label boss Tim has been hard at work cranking out peak-time techno tracks and this EP is no exception. The title Dizzy Bee was inspired by the chaotic flying FX sounds that resemble that of a tripped out, disoriented insect, and Minima focuses on taking more intricate minimal sounds and expanding them to their maximum potential for captivating driving peak time techno. This EP is Tim’s third release with Shadow Wulf.

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With a busy tour schedule that has taken him to countries including Mexico, Canada, Lebanon, India, Dubai, Norway, Bulgaria, France, etc, Tim is well on his way to becoming a familiar name in Techno globally. For listeners based in India, Tim will be performing an end-of-year tour there complete with a massive NYE show. Tim also just celebrated his birthday in late November with a huge event featuring heavy hitters Christian Craken and Phoenix Movement, in addition to APHE, his label partner on Friendly Critters, and AlpaKa MuziK founder KOZY.

TiM TASTE’s EP Dizzy Bee is now available for purchase and download on Beatport, and soon in all other stores.TiM TASTE Shadow Wulf