Studio Tour with French Live Act Chambord

Chambord Tour Us Through Their Studio
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
November 19, 2020

Studio Tour with French Live Act Chambord

French live duo Chambord have been bubbling up in the studio for a while, so no surprise that their recent live stream has had 102,000 views to date and rising. Fundraising for Bye Bye Plastic, performed at a mysterious UNESCO site in France, the stream delivered spectacularly compelling material and a sincere yet effortlessly cool vibe.

Tim and Pierre met in high school in the French countryside, and fast became friends when they discovered their shared love for music. Their first ‘gig’ was at their end-of-school gala, and they have been playing together ever since at festivals and gigs worldwide. Labels include Flying Circus, Sol Selectas and ABRACADABRA.

This latest release package is a special one, as Kindisch gave their new signing carte blanche to choose their ideal remixers to complement their original titled “Wonderland” and yet make it their own: Maga and Carlita.

With their live set-up and resulting performances a sight to behold, we asked Chambord to take us in their studio and show us their favorite pieces of hardware.

Korg Minilog

Chambord Tour Us Through Their Studio

We love this synth, it’s the first one we bought. It’s a safe bet we recommend to any new talent who wants to start producing. You have Lead, Bass, Pad, Arp, FX and so on … It’s very complete. You can also explore your sound and give them the colour and depth you want. Good news is that it’s not very expensive so it’s a perfect starter friend.

Moog little Phatty

Since we started out, we always wanted to get a Moog. We like the sound, we love the design, it looks as beautiful as it sounds. We use this one for our Bass. You have a lot of different sounds and the filters are so great. There is also an Arp option.

Yamaha DX 7s

Chambord Tour Us Through Their Studio

Our lovely weird synth. Everyone needs a weird synth in their studio ;) It’s a very old synth (before 1990, if we remember right) and the sound is very deep. You can’t find this kind of sound on new synths today. With time, the synth lost a bit of sharpness and tightness so it’s a bit detuned sometimes. But it gives some extra charm to our production when we use it.

Roland TR 8

It’s the most basic drum machine, but in our studio it’s very useful because we use it as our first drums. When we start a new track or a remix, it helps to find the best groove. How can we use the hi-hat? How to use the tom? When we find a good groove, and if the sound doesn’t fit, we take a sample from our computer.

Roland Octapad

It’s our most recent investment. Not very used to all the options yet but the sound bank looks huge. You have a lot of different percussion from different origins. The touch also is very good. You have the same feeling that you get when you’re on a real drum!

Listen to Chambord “Wonderland,” which was produced in this studio below:


 Chambord’s Wonderland EP is out now on Kindisch. Get it here.

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