In The Studio With Swiss DJ/Producer Deetron

Author : DK
December 08, 2014

In The Studio With Swiss DJ/Producer Deetron

deetron-synths-280-80Let’s take a glimpse at Swiss DJ/producer Deetron and his amazing studio in Zurich. Courtesy of MusicRadar, here are some photos and an interview; he talks about his workflow in the studio, emphasizing the importance of DJ technique as a vital aspect of electronic music production. Utilizing a hands-on approach including Ableton Live, synthesizers, samplers, and several other pieces of gear, Deetron clearly knows his way around a studio, and will undoubtedly continue to produce solid house music for the dance floor.

In his own words, “I really like the hands-on approach to using hardware; it suits me much better than fiddling around with virtual knobs on a screen. On the hardware front I have a Roland Alpha Juno 1, the Moog Voyager and Little Phatty, and a Yamaha TX81Z.” – Deetron

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