Stimming Shares His Top 5 Lists

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
September 18, 2018

Stimming Shares His Top 5 Lists

Few people bring a truly original sound to house music. It’s all very well making some nice grooves and working the dance floor, but when it comes to longevity and leaving an indelible mark on the genre and the wider musical sphere, you’ve got to bring something new to the table.

At a relatively young age, Hamburg’s Martin Stimming did just that.

“I’m neither afraid of showing my emotions nor to include them in my music. I want people to see me as an evolving artist, where you never know what exactly you get – but you know that it’s Stimming.”

An innovative producer, his productions are filled with a multitude of his own unique, charismatic field recordings, and he never uses the same sample twice. as a performer, he travels all over the globe on a regular basis, playing the world’s most coveted stages, from large music festivals to the most intimate club settings: his eclectic live sets have been witnessed in all corners of the globe.

On September 28th it will be turn of CODA Toronto to host the brilliant Stimming as part of the German artist’s North American tour that has already seen him play Cityfox at The Brooklyn Mirage and StereoBar in Montreal. Other gigs coming up are in San Francisco, Denver and Long Beach just outside Los Angeles, all of which you can find HERE.

Stimming is a busy man, but he carved out a bit of time to share with us a few of his Top 5’s, which you can find below!

What are your current Top 5 favorite tracks?

 Dj Krush – What’s Behind Darkness


Helena Hauff – Barrow Boot Boys


Second Woman – /


Oneohtrix Point Never – Age Of


Mary Halvorson – Sadness


What are your Top 5 career-influential tracks?

Dj Krush – Dig This Vibe


Amon Tobin – The Lighthouse


Roni Size – Brown Paper Bag


Nightmares on Wax – Les Nuits


Ash Koosha – I Feel That

What are the Top 5 destinations you visited in 2018?

I haven’t been traveling that much in 2018, as my second son was born and my family needed me. But of course I needed to pay our rent so I did play, and my favorite performances were:

Pharé de Corduan – for Cercle:

Playing together with lambert in Oslo was very nice!

I was in Istanbul five times this year, such a vibrant city!

Lightning in a Bottle in California was great

Wakana Beach in Portugal was a nice one as well – tiny festival with good folks in the middle of nowhere.

What are your top 5 favorite all-time performances?

Finishing the main stage of Fusion Festival in 2015 was the biggest gig I had – both in terms of crowd size, but combined with quality of my play.

Playing in a pizza place in Auckland in 2008, which went totally crazy without expecting it.

Zagreb, Croatia in 2009 also was amazing enough that I still remember it smiling!

Phare de Corduan for Cercle – playing on a lighthouse in front of the ocean was incredible!

Tbilisi in Gerorgia not too long ago was amazing as well – it was pretty big and I didn’t have the synth I needed, but it was a great gig anyway.

What are your Top 5 favorite cuisine dishes to eat?

My favourite of all time is pan-fried potatoes with a grilled piece of pork and some onions. Very difficult to find (or make) good panfries unfortunately…

The Korean pork belly from the table barbecue is something I order every time I can

I love fish soups… Chinese kitchen, even if its an incredible broad area, and I’m also very happy to have some Indian vegetarian food. 

Lastly, name the Top 5 things you enjoy doing outside of music.  

Hmmm, difficult… most of all I love spending time with my family. With two little children, I don’t have time for anything else to be honest (smiles).


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