Steve Bicknell “Track 12” Receives Revisit and Reinterpretation 27 Years After Original Milestone Release

Steve Bicknell "Track 12"
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
September 22, 2020

Steve Bicknell “Track 12” Receives Revisit and Reinterpretation 27 Years After Original Milestone Release

It was back in 1993 when Steve Bicknell first resealed “Track 12” on Cosmic Records, 27 years later the veteran artists travels back in time and teams up with KR3 Records to re-issue this techno masterpiece, inclusive of three new interpretations and an original re-edit.

Out on September 27th both in vinyl and digital format, 27 symbolises a meeting point between past, present and future of techno. The music is there to remind us that time is circular, nothing is still and everything evolves.

A1 kicks off with a re-edit of the original “Track 12”, a 6 minute long club banger that leads into a parallel dimension with its hypnotic synths and constant kick, where the perception of time widens and the mind travels freely.

In A2 JING‘s voice calmly ushers in this time-space excursion, like a lullaby gently taking the mind and body to spaces we don’t see but we know exist. Just let it go, breath out all your worries and let the music guide you through this journey.

Enjoy the exclusive premiere of this revisit below.

Metro Skim marks his re-edit (B1) with dark and stripped-down sounds combined with intermittent high hats and bubbly synths, once again creating a circular, ever lasting effect of being pulled into and endless spiral spinning round and around.

The journey ends with a re-edit by Heartless (B2), an itchy, fast and hypnotising gem. Modular reminisces soothe the spirit whilst a throbbing rhythm leads the way. Once again the vortex would seem to stop, but as the ticking time reminds us, to stop is just an illusion.

Track Listing:

1. Steve Bicknell – Track 12 (1993 Original Mix)
2. Steve Bicknell – Track 12 (Jing remix)
3. Steve Bicknell – Track 12 (Metro Skim remix)
4. Steve Bicknell – Track 12 (Heartless remix)

Steve Bicknell presents “Track 12” Reissued and Reimagined is available on Bandcamp

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