Staying Relevant with Jon E. Thin

Jon E Thin Q&A
Author : Max Spruill
May 11, 2023

Staying Relevant with Jon E. Thin

Jon E. Thin has become one of San Diego’s most admired DJs, with his flawless mixing skills and impeccable track selection. Prior residencies include, Insomnia After hours (L.A.), The legendary San Diego after-hours, Romper-Room (95-98) and performing festivals such as Playskool (SD), Together as One (LA), Esthetic Evolution (ID), Konnexion Festival (ID) & more.

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Jon E. Thin has captivated audiences locally as well as nation-wide by carving out a distinctive techno sound.  Throughout his journey, Jon E. has always found a way to continue to be relevant, and he’s been leading the way as a maverick ever since. With decades of career under his belt and plenty more to come, Jon E. has a chat with SIX AM about all that’s been going on.

Jon E Thin Q&A

Howdy Jon E. Thin, welcome to SIX AM! How are you?

Everything is great and it is an amazing time to be here speaking to your team.


Your career has been going off for many decades, starting off playing the classic underground raves of the 90’s. What was it like playing then vs now? How did that infamous culture influence the direction of your career?

That’s a great question. The 90’s was definitely a wild and fun time, the golden age of the rave scene for sure. I would say the biggest difference between playing then vs now is how new and fresh it was back in the 90’s. The scene was so young; the dj’s, promoters, and people dancing were kind of figuring it all out together which was exhilarating.

Playing out now is a pleasure in the sense that the people who go out to dance are a bit more educated and usually have an idea of what style they like. Its super fun for me to be able to play new music and draw on my past experience to give them a taste of the past and present in a new way. In the end good techno is good techno!

The 90’s culture influenced me in so many ways, being able to play the bigger events in Los Angeles & San Diego with the biggest DJs locally and international of the time really inspired and made me bring my A game. In the mid 90’s I was the resident DJ at Romperoom, a legendary after hours in San Diego. I was in charge of booking the guest DJ’s, we brought some of the biggest DJs of the time like John Digweed, Keoki, and many more. Romperoom was produced by PlaySkool who also did a massive sports arena type event with artists like Utah Saints, Dee-lite, Africa Bambatta. Being around that type of talent inspired me, it fact it still does inspire me. As they say, “Its good to know where you are going, but you have to remember where you have been”.

With the new generation of techno, the vibe is larger than ever. With more focus on the DJ, having a current sound and creating an energy with your own unique style is quite special.   Using the knowledge of the pioneers and influences that I have been around, it was a flood of creative energy that is still present today. Utilizing techniques of the past and bringing them forward is the best part of having been in it so long. You have a lot of history to pull from.


Having a career lasting multiple decades, what has been your strategy to remain relevant for so long? What have been the biggest challenges and biggest blessings over the years?

There is a renewal of interest every 5-10 years. Remaining true to your craft is the only way I saw as remaining relevant. Doing what I loved to do was always my focus. I am happiest making music and am currently the happiest I have ever been.

Signing with Techniche was a huge catalyst in my career – I was finally able to release music that had been locked away inside of my head for years. Being able to sit down and create music was a new found passion.  I took the situation in 2020 as a way to refocus and point my career in a much larger direction. It was the best decision and I am proud of the releases and the opportunities it has offered.


You’ve become one of the pillar artists on the Techniche recordings. How does it feel to have such a solid industry connection in your corner along with the fan appreciation of your music?

Being identified as a pillar artist comes with responsibility. I am not only honored, but amazed at the thought of it all. As an artist, you want to grow and expand your creativity and express what is inside, into the music. Having wonderful people around you and being able to grow artistically is especially key to the process. I am blessed to have that.

For the tracks to make it that far, I am so appreciative for everyone who listens, downloads and plays the tracks. I am honored to be making the music, and even more honored to have longtime supporters, music enthusiasts, DJ’s and the masses consume the product, it’s amazing to me. It’s made to be heard, so I am proud of the catalog thus far.


What are some of your biggest career accomplishments so far, and what are some goals you’d like to achieve in the near future?

Musically, I would like to continue to create original works that have been swirling around my head for years. I’d like to work with other labels, promoters and find myself playing some shows in the states and abroad. I am ready to share the music, the experience and the excitement with everyone. Its has already been quite the journey and I am looking forward to more experiences.


Do you have any upcoming gigs coming up soon? Where can fans expect to see you at soon?

Studio time has been the main focus. Techniche hosts monthly shows to showcase their artists and I have had the pleasure of playing for their night many times. Also, performing with Label Boss DJ Myxzlplix, and Nate Shriver with some legendary B2B sets. We have a whole desert season beginning so there are events filling in the calendar. Hawaii is set to be happening in the early Summer and a few confirmations I cannot say just yet. Very exciting to say the least.


Thanks for chatting with us Jon! Is there anything you would like to share with us?

Actually there are a few more music projects in the works that will be out this Summer. Of course the Visions EP dropping in May 2023 on Techniche Recordings, there are a few co-labs that you don’t want to miss.  Look out for those and plenty of more releases coming soon.Jon E Thin Q&A

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