Start Your Vlogging Career with A Hip YouTube Banner

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
June 28, 2022

Start Your Vlogging Career with A Hip YouTube Banner

So, you’re seriously considering starting your own vlogging career? Well, congratulations! So many people want to become YouTubers these days, but it takes a special kind of person with the right attitude and skills to be successful.

Apart from knowing how to create content and understanding the full functionalities of YouTube is branding your channel – and this usually starts with your YouTube banner template.

YouTube Banners are the business. They are the most crucial part of your marketing strategy in terms of building a solid foundation for your YouTube channel. Your banner is the one visual touchpoint between you and your viewer. Any artist or creator who has started their own YouTube channel should consider investing time into creating a great banner because this will be what people remember about you when they first encounter you.

Pin Your Content

First things first. Before setting out to create a fantastic YouTube Banner, spend some time thinking about exactly what it is that makes your channel unique. What sets you apart from everyone else? Why should people watch anything on your channel? Creating these answers into short sentences will help solidify them in your mind so you have a starting point to work from. You wouldn’t want a banner that sets an ironic impression on your channel visitors and viewers. Like with anything that needs marketing, branding is key.

Style Guide For Your YouTube Banner Template

Once you have a good understanding of the purpose behind your channel, it’s time to start designing!

There are no set guidelines to follow when designing YouTube banners; there are tons of different looks out there that work very well for channels that cover different topics or niches – which is part of the fun in the designing process.

The first step in your design process is figuring out what kind of style you want to go with. This depends entirely on your brand and the type of content you are uploading. For example, if you are vlogging about fashion, muted colors might be best so that people don’t get distracted while watching your video – but if you’re talking about cat videos or something similar with loud colors and lots of movement, “loud” and high contrast would look great as a YouTube banner.



Font Impressions

Font style is crucial in any marketing material, and that includes your YouTube banner. There are several different fonts out there that work extremely well for YouTube banners. Comic Sans is always a good option because of its fun appearance, but it can come off as dated or old-school. If you want something more modern, Arial or Helvetica are widely available fonts that work really well. The size and position of the text are important as well; make sure you don’t make any mistakes here by making sure whatever text you choose fits the banner perfectly.

Not sure what fonts would look great on your channel’s banner? There are always lots of fonts to choose from, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

World in Color

There are no set rules when it comes to color schemes either. Most channels use a limited set of colors that coordinate well together, but you can go for something more vibrant if that’s what fits your brand best. Make sure that whatever color choices you make are cohesive with the content on your channel, and align with your brand. If you’re uploading videos about cooking, bright reds and oranges might not work very well – instead use colors like yellow or black. Channel art isn’t just limited to YouTube logos anymore; there are many resources online where you can find different shapes and other elements created specifically for YouTube banners.


Design Challenge (Starring a YouTube Banner Maker)

Now it’s time for the fun part – designing your channel banner!

For many people, this might be one of the hardest things to get right because you have to make something that balances what you want your audience to see while still fitting in with all the other channels on YouTube. It doesn’t have to be perfect though; even if you just take the images you plan on using and place them in white boxes, for now, that can be a great starting point.

Once you have your design all figured out, it’s time to put everything together! The important thing about banner designs is that they are extremely versatile; depending on the elements inside, you could resize the image into a few different shapes/sizes or otherwise change up its appearance very easily.

If this seems like too much work, there are pre-made templates that you can pick from any YouTube banner maker or from Venngage. Venngage is full of different ideas for YouTube banners that will inspire your creative juices. Start experimenting with some YouTube banner templates and see what works best for you. This will save you tons of time!

Hit Publish On Your YouTube Banner!

Once you’re happy with the design, go ahead and share it! Whether you want to upload it as a new banner or make an announcement on Twitter/your blog about your new channel art, either way, is great – just remember to be consistent and use your fancy new banner wherever applicable.

And that’s it! Now you have a YouTube banner to promote your channel. So what are you waiting for? Make a YouTube banner right now and get uploading!