Sports & Music: Squire Is A Man With Two Passions

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 08, 2020

Sports & Music: Squire Is A Man With Two Passions

Squire is one of the most interesting upcoming Spanish and international talents on the scene. Born with a Jazz’s soul, he has soon delivered a unique sound that merges techno and house with an incredible variety of influences. The key to his success has been his complete focus and respect for music traditions, and a keen open eye to the future of electronic music.

Despite his young age, he has already released records on esteemed labels such as Get Physical sub label Kindisch, Crosstown Rebels sub label Rebellion, Audiofly’s Flying Circus Recordings, Behrouz’s Do Not Sit On The Furniture, My Favorite Robot Records, Sasse’s Moodmusic, Bar 25 Music, 3000 Grad Records, Earthly Delights.

During the last 12 months Squire, aka Jaime Aguersuari, claimed his place on the scene with a string of high-quality productions on Mobilee, Get Physical, trueColors and more. The year ahead looks even brighter, with several releases lined up on high profile labels and an upcoming remix for Rodriguez Jr. Following the success of the entrancing “Common Sense” on Mobilee last year, which was championed by the likes of Dixon, his return to the prestigious German label with “Path Parbat” has been a natural and keenly anticipated one.

Squire approaches music with a full heart and intent focus just as he approaches everything else he does, from his previous years at Formula One, his Bridges for Music Paris to Amsterdam bike ride, or his recent desert track ride through the Sahara. As a label, Mobilee is renowned for tracks that shake off the shackles of genre expectation to stand in their own right as exceptional cuts, and this latest release from an artist with the same ethos is a perfect match for the imprint.

Squire is streaming live from his home studio on his Instagram each week, keep an eye out for his next one:

We met up with Squire, virtually of course, to talk about his time in isolation, his love for Formula One and cars, and the relationship between music and sports in his life.

Hi mate, thank you for taking the time to chat with us. Pretty crazy week if you ask me, where have you been holed up?

Hi there, thanks for interviewing me in this difficult time. This is actually looking like a film. Can’t really believe it but hopefully at the same time it might ring the bell for some of us to actually focus more on humanity, unity and solidarity and less in going to the moon…

What’s your take on the coronavirus pandemic and how it has changed the global electronic dance music scene?

It’s a bomb that has exploded and has done huge damage not just in music, but the world in general. I’m sure we will get past it if we stay clever and think in community and not just for ourselves! Venues and parties are definitely going to come back stronger than they were, there will be a big reason to celebrate life after this! I guess we will have great music too as every artist will be sitting at home making music, or at least this is what I’m focusing on this days…

Are you self-isolating?

Absolutely. I think this should be everyone’s priority and concern at the moment.

What are you doing to keep yourself busy during these coming weeks/months?

I feel very privileged as I live in a house with a big terrace and nice areas to breathe some fresh air so I’m training one hour a day, I’m making music, watching some films, cooking a lot! Hopefully, I don’t put too much weight on haha, and doing old tasks at home that I never had time to do…trying to get the most out of the 12-hour-day plan.

Besides music, I know you’re passionate about sport and it’s unfortunate that almost all sports are on hold at the moment also. What sports do you follow and like?

I love cycling and golf, unfortunately can’t practice these days but it’s not a priority right now anyway!

In particular, as you mentioned, you have a heavy background as a Formula 1 driver. How did you first get into that?

My parents took me to a go-kart track when I was 7 and I raced since then… When I reached 13, I was called by Red Bull for a test in Portugal, they had a program to sponsor young drivers and help them reach F-1… I was selected and grew up with them for the rest of my days in racing…It was a nice ride full of great moments I won’t forget.

What electronic music genre would you associate most with Formula 1 racing?

Electro Pop from the ’90s.

I gotta ask, what car do you drive these days?

I don’t drive a car actually. I cycle or I ride my bike in the city… It’s the best for traffic and parking!

Was your passion for electronic music already present back then?

It started in Ibiza with my friends. My parents used to go to Ibiza on holiday since 1975 so it’s been a long time and I made loads of local friends! We had this basement with bikes, go-karts, BMX, cars, and we had a booth and little studio! I didn’t do any music but my friends taught me how to play vinyl and I started to buy records in 2005. We use to listen to radio stations in Ibiza and listen to Carl Cox and Miss Kittin playing live, I wasn’t allowed to go to clubs back then and me and my friends had music competitions on who had the coolest and biggest record every season. It was really great fun, even reminiscing on it puts a smile on my face!

Was it ever a point of having to choose one versus the other?

Yes. I retired from racing 5 years ago; I really struggled to make both at the level I expected. I feel you can’t really have 2 jobs at the same time and deliver your best for both. Something will be missing, having time to make music and try pushing your boundaries in the studio is crucial to develop your sound and to make forward thinking music but it’s the same everywhere, whether you’re a lawyer or a pro cyclist you need to commit just to that as there’s no tomorrow, otherwise you‘ll be struggling to make it.

Music and sports are both extremely good for one’s mental health. Can you compare and contrast them in terms of the benefits they give you in your life?

It’s a must in my life! A sort of meditation to grow up mentally and physically! Sports, endurance sports specifically, give me the chance to reset my mind and my body to generate endorphins and oxygenate my whole metabolism.

Are there times when you turn to music versus sport, or the other way around?

Yes! As I said they both match really well and whenever I’m blocked on a track or I’m lacking some inspiration or ideas I head outside and go running or mountain biking…I come back with a different perspective on what I was doing and it usually works out very well.

If you could combine music and sports in an unusual way, what would you come up with?

Well! There’s many things that come to my mind when it’s about combining sport and music in the same venue… I think there s already a sport happening and probably is the happiest sport that exists which is dancing! When you move you burn calories and the more you do so the more calories you burn, so it’s actually a great way to do some cardio and lose weight and of course to pump up your energy levels!

Having said that, I wouldn’t mix music and sport as a competition so much as I think they re both very different. Normally when I head to a concert to see my favorite band or head to a venue to listen to an artist whom I follow I normally like to chill out, have a drink and feel with all my senses to the vibe and the energy that is being generated.

Squire “Path Parbat” is out now on Mobilee, get it here

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