Split Personality: Experience 3 Sides of Maceo Plex at the World Debut of M³

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
February 19, 2020

Split Personality: Experience 3 Sides of Maceo Plex at the World Debut of M³

This March 14th Los Angeles will see Eric Estornel’s three aliases, Mariel Ito, Maetrik and Maceo Plex, blend together for a world-debut performance.

What is M³? Simply put, Maceo Plex, Maetrik and Mariel Ito are M³, yet the answer goes deeper than that. This is a brand-new live concept that will see the iconic American artist deliver a “three-part, multidimensional sensory experience” with the intention of underscoring each distinct aspect of Esternel’s three; split musical personalities: the deeper house-meets-techno life of Maceo Plex; the darker live productions of Maetrik; and the IDM and electro-fused soundscapes of Mariel Ito.

This unique experience will also feature a mix of visuals, lasers and “a live interactive holographic performance,” promising to wow fans in ways no other performance by Estoernel has before.

M³ will debut at El Pueblo Historical Monument in Los Angeles on March 14th, a day-into-evening event hosted and organized by Insomniac’s Factory93 brand. Tickets are available here.

Eric Estornel, under the names MAETRIK, MARIEL ITO, MACEO PLEX, and simply ESTORNEL – has been contributing to his musical world around him since 1993. Always searching for the future of electronic dance, Eric has never let himself be confined by the fads.
Originally from the USA and now relocated to Barcelona, Spain, Estornel is making incredible leaps and strides releasing some of the most devastating yet unique music in the industry. His sudonyms Maetrik, Mariel Ito, Plaex, and more so now Maceo Plex are under great demand for the rich dynamic production and unique blend of techno, house, funk, and electro that only Eric can devise.