Space Ibiza to Reopen In Two Years at a New Location

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
August 18, 2016

Space Ibiza to Reopen In Two Years at a New Location


If you thought this was the last ever summer for Space Ibiza, think again.

Anyone who has been following the club’s recent news of the past year knows that Carl Cox, resident and personal friend of long-term owner Pepe Rosello, was the first to break the news that the Ushuaïa Group was purchasing the current location where Space resides

In his latest interview, however, he reveals the news countless have been waiting for: Space will reopen elsewhere in the island in the fairly near future.

Speaking to Ticketmaster, he stated, “Plans are on the table for it opening at another site but it won’t happen for at least two years and will it be the same? We don’t know. I don’t know whether I will be involved because there are so many variables.

“At the moment I am quite looking forward to getting three days a week of my life back. I feel like I am ready to kick back a little bit and enjoy the fruits of my labour. Perhaps I might be able to have a girlfriend at long last. I’ve never been in this position before.”

He also opened up on what is scheduled to be his final set at the current Space Ibiza when, on October 2 he plays the closing fiesta alongside Tale Of Us, Anja Schneider, Darius Syrossian and more.

“I do have a pile of records for the closing records, but what’s going to happen is, say we are going to finish at midday, as soon as they say ‘this is going to be the last record, Carl’, it isn’t going to be the last record as they are going to want another record and another record.

“It could be the defining track but it might not be. But whatever I play, they are all going to be tear jerkers.”

It’s been a whirlwind year on the island, with Amnesia finding itself at the center of an criminal and tax evasion investigation, and authorities searching Space and Privilege as part of the ongoing inquest. Cox opened up about the changes on the island:

“If you are booking tickets for Ibiza, you want to go to Space, you want to go to DC10, you want to go to Amnesia, it is part of the fabric of the island. But that is all going to go and once that’s gone, it’s gone – and then Ibiza will change.

“Space was the place that opened Ibiza and it’s going to be the place that closes it. You won’t have that anymore, some clubs will scramble to get themselves into that position but it won’t have the same heritage.”