Sounds Like Returns to LA

Author : Lee Trotter
April 30, 2015

Sounds Like Returns to LA


“We have such an amazing core crowd since starting Sounds Like, and I cannot wait to get back together with everyone both new and old “– Trent Cantrelle

There is a level of anticipation that builds each year when a club or party returns for a fresh season. On May 10th the anticipation ends in Los Angeles with the return of the Sounds Like Terrace. Anyone with a passionate affinity for house music is naturally drawn to the unique atmosphere of a terrace party, and the 2015 Sounds Like season will continue to provide an exceptional vibe with top quality rhythms for the coming months.

SL Crowd View

An enthusiastic crowd grooving at Sounds Like last year

The 2015 Sounds Like Opening will feature a special back-to-back with Doorly and Sounds Like founder, Trent Cantrelle, alongside J.Sanders for what is sure to be a memorable season opener. The music is always at the core of an event, but Sounds Like takes things a step further each season in searching for a venue that is appropriate for the vision and ambiance of the party; and from the teaser photos it appears that this specific terrace is perfect for the occasion. Drawing inspiration from it’s inception at Avalon and the DC-10 Terrace in Ibiza, Sounds Like has grown into a special summer party that Los Angeles looks forward to year after year.

In preparation for the opening we’ve caught up with the Sounds Like visionary, Trent Cantrelle, to talk about the history of Sounds Like as well as what to expect for the upcoming summer season.

Sounds Like 2015 Opening: Limited  Guestlist + Tickets | Event Information 

How’s it going Trent? We’re all looking forward to the Sounds Like Opening next week. How long have you been doing the party? 

It started around 2008 as my residency night at Avalon here in LA. Some of the first nights were with Booka Shade, Lee Foss, and Droog. We then branched off into Miami where we hosted the front lounge for DJ Mag at the Shelbourne on Thursdays during WMC. The label started around the same time and featured some early works by now house music sensations Pirupa and Jaceo.

What was the inspiration to start the Sounds Like Summer Terrace?

Around the end of 2012 you could start to feel that shift happen in music once again. I started rethinking how to bring back something I was missing from the Avalon days. I teamed up with Kimberly Roussel the owner and creator of one of the longest running music venues in the city, Cinnespace, to bring back Sounds Like events at her club. She brought a whole other element to the nights by curating performers and changing around the venue in unique and creative ways. After a string of one off’s we both wanted a bit more from the experience and decided to host a weekly Sunday terrace style party on the smoking patio of her venue. The only other time a weekly was hosted in this room of the club was Dubstep Sundays where a very early Skrillex played each night. To do what we wanted required a complete overhaul of the patio to be the “terrace” vibe we wanted. Building a custom DJ booth modeled after the DC-10 terrace booth in Ibiza was the most important piece to making that room fit for the party we wanted to create.

The new venue for the 2015 season looks beautiful. Can you tell us a little about how you settled on this location?

It was a venue we looked at a while back as another option to throw events. We both thought it has such a similar vibe to our previous terrace. After Kim sold her club we knew we needed a new home if we were to bring back the terrace. Once again we will be creating our own DJ booth build into the club for the summer season and installing a 4 point Evo Function One series.

SL Venue 2015

Teaser of the Sounds Like 2015 Venue


It’ll be a long season throughout the summer with Sounds Like going from May to October. What do you enjoy most about hosting a weekly party?

Getting to play weekly is unlike any other experience. It was the way I DJ’d in my hometown of New Orleans for many years. You can try so many new things and go so many places because the crowd trusts you. They want to go those places with you because of the bond built over those weeks. We have such an amazing core crowd since starting Sounds Like I cannot wait to get back together with everyone both new and old.

Who are some of the guests that will be making an appearance at Sounds Like this summer?

Happy to say we are kicking things off with my homeboy Doorly who is crushing it around the globe this year. The rest you will have to wait and see…

We’ll be waiting patiently and looking forward to the opening May 10th! Thanks for the time Trent. 

So there you have it. Sounds Like is back for another promising season, and with Trent Cantrelle at the helm it goes without saying that Sundays are about to reach a whole new level this summer in Los Angeles. Make sure to sign up for guest list or purchase pre-sale tickets to join the festivities…after all there’s really nothing like a proper opening party on a terrace.