Soundfile’s Medicus EP Creates Melodic Indie Techno

Author : Daisy Magana
September 21, 2020

Soundfile’s Medicus EP Creates Melodic Indie Techno

Soundfile’s Medicus EP (via Shadow Wulf Records) is a blend of melodic techno with dark progressive elements. The DJ duo’s upcoming three-track EP is available for pre-order on Beatport and will drop on all streaming platforms on October 5.

It was destiny that made German natives Thomas and Martin cross paths at the 2016 Sonus Festival in Croatia. It wasn’t until they came together in the studio that the real magic happened and birthed the extraordinary symbiosis of Soundfile. From their first synthesizer, they quickly fell in love with analog music equipment and production. They continued collecting and expanding their studio until it could fully satisfy and fulfill their vision for electronic music production.

Their studio, lovingly dubbed “Electric Garden“, is the home where they have been able to develop their extraordinary producing and DJ performance style of Melodic-Indie-Techno. Their versatile sound covers a wide range from 110 BPM up to 135 BPM within their DJ sets.

2020 saw the release of their music on Playoff Records and Shadow Wulf Records, with more tunes soon to follow, and more opportunities to spread and express their unique musical sound.

Listen: 6AM Premiere – Soundfile’s The Medicus EP


Medicus EP features three tracks starting with the dynamite first track called “Mr Doctor.” It’s a driving 128bpm dark techno heater with mystical vocals, inspired by the mighty sorcerer Doctor Strange from the Marvel comics. “Hitze“ was named after the German word for “heat“ and is a captivating mix of melodic and dark progressive techno with equally striking vocals. The last track titled “I love You“ is a dedication to Martin´s daughter (who delivered the vocals). It’s accompanied by a 303 and touching melodic progressive elements.

Catalog// SW002

  1. “Mr Doctor” Soundfile
  2. “Hitze”
  3. “I Love You”
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