Soundfile Releases The King EP & It’s an Acid Overdose

Soundfile King EP
Author : Daisy Magana
June 08, 2021

Soundfile Releases The King EP & It’s an Acid Overdose

Soundfile is back on Playoff Records with their The King EP that features four techno tracks heavily to conquer the dancefloor. The 303 holds a central spot throughout the EP’s tracks pumping it with a healthy dose of acid techno.

6AM Premiere: Soundfile “The King EP” – Playoff Records

Starting with the first track ‘The King’ a solid techno banger with multiple effects making room for the King. It’s followed by the “Purple Pills” with a floating 303 surrounded by mystic Ganga voices. The EP’s third track “Ketamigo” rings the alarm to assemble the dancefloor for the final track “Mon Amour” with a 303 crying out for the one and only great love of humanity.

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It was destiny that made Thomas and Martin, natives of Frankfurt Germany, cross paths at the Sonus Festival ´16 in Croatia. But the real magic happened when these two first came together in the studio and created the extraordinary symbiosis of Soundfile. From their first synthesizer, they quickly fell in love with analog music equipment and production and continued collecting and expanding their studio until it could fully satisfy and fulfill their vision for electronic music production.

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Their studio, lovingly dubbed their “Electric Garden“, is the home by which they have been able to develop their extraordinary producing and DJ performance style of Melodic-Indie-Techno. Their versatile style covers a wide range from 110 BPM up to 135 BPM within their DJ sets.

2020 saw the release of their music on Playoff Records with Viva La Valium EP. Celic supported the EP in his exclusive mix for Drumcomplex and following that successful release, 2021 introduced you to ‘The King’.

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