Soma Records Celebrates 25 Years with Daft Punk, Robert Hood, Blawan, Jeff Mills, Andrew Weatherall, Kobosil, Vril and more

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
January 23, 2017

Soma Records Celebrates 25 Years with Daft Punk, Robert Hood, Blawan, Jeff Mills, Andrew Weatherall, Kobosil, Vril and more


There is little to no doubt that Soma Records make the list as one of the most respected techno imprints of today. Label bosses Slam formed the label in the distant 1991 alongside friends Glenn Gibbons and Dave Clarke, and are now celebrating 25 years of operation.

The label made a name for itself in its infant years with a catalog of fantastic music outings, including Slam’s very own timeless “Positive Education” and early career releases from the likes of Surgeon, Envoy, Funk D’Void, Silicone Soul and Alex Smoke. Not many know, for example, that french duo Daft Punk released their first raw music pieces on the label back in 1994.

To celebrate the 25 year milestone, Soma has asked a selection of the world’s finest techno acts to provide fresh brand-new music for a specially curated 15-track Limited Edition 5XVinyl Box Set. Old timers the likes of Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Steve Bicknell, Andrew Weatherall (appearing as Woodleigh Research Facility), Blawan and Adam Beyer were joined by more recent techno newcomers such as Kobosil, VRIL and Jonas Kopp  to select and remix some of Soma’s best back-catalog material for a fresh representation of the role Soma plays in techno today.

Accompanying the brilliant music selection, Soma “decided it was necessary to match the unique musical sensibilities displayed with an artistic environment that clearly juxtaposed the ideas set forth in the project.” The collaboration with Scottish artist Kyle Irvine has resulted in a selection of unique designs crafted specifically for the box set, which also includes exclusive Soma 25 stickers, a poster and illustrated vinyl sleeves.

The box set will be officially released on March 31st.

Track List:

A1. Robert Hood – The Bond We Formed
A2. Jeff Mills – A Tale From the Parallel Universe
B1. Daft Punk – Drive (Slam Modular Interpretation)
B2. Adam Beyer – Just Things
C1. Blawan – Clipper
C2. The Woodleigh Research Facility – S.O.M.A 25
D. Josh Wink – Synodic Period
E1. Slam – Stepback (Jonas Kopp Remix)
E2. Slam – Visions (Kobosil Remix)
F. Percy X – X Track (Vril Remix 2)
G1. Slam – Tempest
G2. Steve Bicknell – Mind Cycles
H. Funk D’Void – 808 Planet
I. Joe Stawarz – Cry (Deepchord Remix)
J. Joe Stawarz – Beebear. (Deepchord Remix)

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