Solarstone Debuts Dolby Atmos Music Experience at Sound-Bar Chicago

Author : 6AM
July 13, 2017

Solarstone Debuts Dolby Atmos Music Experience at Sound-Bar Chicago

Dolby Laboratories, Inc. has announced that its Dolby Atmos music entertainment experience will make its debut at Chicago’s Sound-Bar nightclub. The Dolby Atmos residency at Sound-Bar will launch on July 29, 2017 with Trance and Progressive producer/DJ Solarstone, real name Richard Mowatt, performing.

“Dolby Atmos gives artists the ability to create multi-dimensional soundscapes that deliver an electrifying experience to club goers,” said Bob Borchers, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of Dolby Laboratories. “We’re excited to bring this spectacular experience to music fans in Chicago.”

Richard Mowatt of Solarstone is also excited about getting to put the technology to use . “With Dolby Atmos technology, I can push the boundaries of what’s technologically possible in delivering my music, providing my fans with a show that will completely immerse them from all angles in the venue,” he said.

Sound-Bar’s Haider Rizvi is proud of collaborating with Dolby for this revolutionary experience. “At Sound-Bar, we’ve always been proud to host some of the most dynamic dance music artists in Chicago,” he said. “By partnering to bring Dolby Atmos to our space, our guests are going to be part of music history in the US.”

In collaboration with Sound-Bar, Dolby will be outfitting the venue with overhead speakers and Dolby Atmos processing technology. There will be over 30 speakers, 22 channels, and a bespoke lighting environment, one of the biggest setups in club sound to date. This technology takes advantage of Dolby Atmos’ capabilities to move in sync with the music, letting music be mixed in a third dimension, and provide artists with the ability to unleash sound that “has never been heard before​.”


The unveiling of the Dolby Atmos music experience is not the first time Dolby contributed to the live music scene. In January 2016, the company launched the first Dolby Atmos residency at the Ministry of Sound nightclub in London with Hospital Records. It showcased top electronic artists who continue to transform their music into a multidimensional, immersive sound experience with Dolby Atmos.



For more information, check out to learn more about Dolby Atmos for music. You can also visit for additional Dolby Atmos residency artists and dates and head here for all information on the July 29th party with Solarstone.

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