Why Social Media Is A Key Part of Marketing In The Electronic Music Industry

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
September 11, 2018

Why Social Media Is A Key Part of Marketing In The Electronic Music Industry

In today’s digital world there is no escaping social media, even and especially for aspiring and established producers and DJs.

While exact statistics aren’t available, it is not hard to imagine that the demographic of people attending electronic music events throughout the world does tend to include a vast majority of 21-35 year-olds. What this means is that the majority of people attending these events are likely to be connected, in some way or another, to social media.

Just like with any business, whether you are an electronic music artist, venue owner or promoter, with a well-thought-out digital marketing campaign, your products will be recognized easier, your target audience will grow, and you can even build authority and presence in your field over time! That being said, whipping out a grand marketing strategy out of thin air isn’t the easiest task. For more marketing strategies for your business, check here at NTREIS, Inc.

For all intents and purposes, it’d be fair to assume that the majority of marketing nowadays would fall into the category of digital marketing. Whether we like to admit it or not, long gone are the days of promoting music and events the old school way, and within this rather broad field, you can pick and choose from a variety of different paths to go down.

Be it email marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing or some other similar endeavor, the Internet is the place where you’ll get your exposure and with it, brand recognition for yourself as an artist, label owner or party curator.

Strong Social recently tackled the subject, explaining why social media is the future of digital marketing, and shouldn’t be ignored no matter your role in the electronic music industry

What is Social Media Marketing in the First Place?

Simply put, social media marketing is using any of the social media platforms in order to market a product or a service. Even though the concept sounds pretty obvious now, this wasn’t always the case.

In fact, using social media to actively promote a company’s ware is somewhat of a novelty in digital marketing. Up to recently, social media platforms were often seen as simply websites for connecting to your friends. (And possibly playing a game or two every now and again.)

Nowadays, while they still do serve their main purposes, more and more companies are starting to use them as marketing tools, and the same goes for event promoters, artists and label owners, for when it’s all said and done those are all businesses too.

Virtually every social media platform out there has several metrics that are useful for measuring the effectiveness of a social media campaign. Therefore, mounting one on one of these platforms takes complicated and often costly measuring software out of the equation!

What’s more, social media offers a lot of organic traffic to your website, so you won’t have to pay for additional promotions or ads.

How to Start a Social Media Marketing Campaign?

1. Create Some Attainable Goals

People market on social media to boost their subscriber count (follower count) , drive more traffic to their main website or simply connect to people to promote their brand. Please note that boosting one’s follower count is not the same as buying fake followers!

Whatever your motivation, setting a goal will help you facilitate the process to get there.

Also, having milestones, as well as the end goal in sight means you’ll be able to see what works for your campaign and what doesn’t. So, if something’s not working, you can simply create content that would appeal more to your target audience.

2. Put out High-Quality Content

Other than ensuring your marketing campaign is clever and well-planned, you should also have in mind that it is the content that matters the most!

The type of content you put out will attract customers to your brand, so carefully tailoring it to the tastes of your audience can have long-term benefits.

A rather important metric you might want to consider would be the demographics of your audience. If the majority of your followers or subscribers are young students and professionals, you will want to adapt your content and language to suit that audience.

Feeling your audience’s pulse and adjusting your output accordingly will put you among the top content marketers currently in operation!

3. Come up With a Schedule

Nothing can hamper an otherwise ambitious marketing campaign as a sloppy upload schedule. Even though rules about posting and updating the info on your account aren’t exactly written in stone, organizing a schedule can be of massive benefit in the long run.

Planning content in advance may seem hard if you’re a DJ or producer, but this shouldn’t be the case. Oftentimes you will be planning releases, mixes, gig announcement and more with months or weeks to spare, so make sure you schedule these accordingly for your social media networks.

Imagine having a release or gig but uploading the information to social media a couple of days too late. It would likely make it completely futile, on top of looking unprofessional.

In order to reap the benefits of SMM (short for Social Media Marketing, of course), you must commit to ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ in a way. This means regular uploading and covering the topics that everyone’s talking about every now and then, from your own music to relevant industry information and topics. One of the bigger mistakes in social media is thinking that everything you post must be strictly relevant to what you’re doing, when this isn’t necessarily the case.

You want to keep your audience engaged, so posting on relative topics to your music, local scene, label affiliations, etc can all be ways to interact with your fans and remain relevant in their minds.

You don’t want to turn yourself into a news page, of course. However, talking about something other than your own music or events, as an example, will make your brand seem more down to earth and help people relate to it more easily.

4. Prepare for the Long Haul

Truth to be told, marketing your products or services on social media is more of a marathon than a sprint.

If you’re going to commit to doing this, you might as well do it properly. One of the best ways to keep everything under control (especially important as your business starts to grow) is to hire a a content manager or a professional team that can take care of it for you.

These crafty people will know when to upload and what to upload, thus doing most of the work for you. This doesn’t mean you cannot be posting yourself – in fact you should – but it means that they could augment your social media presence with tailored ad campaigns, social media growth strategy as well as crafty content designated to get the best out of your social media networks.

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