The Correlation Between Social Media and Developing Talented Electronic Music Artists

Social Media Developing Talented
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April 03, 2017

The Correlation Between Social Media and Developing Talented Electronic Music Artists

In today’s society, Social Media plays a big role in people’s everyday lives as well as business. Social Media is also turning out to be an important vehicle for bringing to light the talent of new electronic music artists, through making them known to fans and promoting their brand.

Electronic dance music is over saturated, so you need to be clever when you are attempting to reach your potential fans, media outlets, labels and managers to pay attention to you. It is not enough for artists to keep posting their music on their YouTube or SoundCloud accounts over and over. It is not enough for artists to wait for their manager to make a move. Production Music Live explains why this is: “Your post isn’t just competing with another producer’s post – it’s also competing with a meme and a cat video someone shared. No wonder why the link to your music gets lost in this stream – it’s just not the most engaging post.” Artists need to keep this fact in mind in order to navigate the social media stream. Here are some factors that may improve social media standing and lead to developing the career of talented electronic music artists:

Branding Is Key

Branding is always important in any business, but more so in the music business. Correct branding will make sure that people remember the artist and recognize his music.  The logo must represent the artist and communicate clearly what their music stands for. The image itself is very important, but so are the font of the text (if any) and the colors used. One way to make sure that the logo will work is to get a good graphics designer right from the get go, and to remember to make your branding applicable to the career trajectory and goals you are aiming for.

Focus on Music

If your goal is to have as many people possible listening to your music, you better have damn good music. Make sure the music will sell before focusing on promotion. Some artists spend so much time coming up with their own website or pages on different platforms but so little time in working on their music. Once the music is marketable, then the artist can come up with content that makes people engage with their page. More people engage with artists online when they adopt an image that is professional yet fun. Those who show how they make music through vid clips or photos have more followers than those who continually post the same link again and again. Those who actively engage with their followers also attract more followers.

Social Media Developing Talented



Self-Promotion is Key

Learning who to talk to and how to market music is important in social media. Most artists today handle their own social media because they found that the fans love interacting with them. They make personal posts that anyone can relate to, and keep their fans engaged. It’s good to remember that promotion takes time and effort. Being on social media will not make an artist popular overnight, it is knowing how to present yourself in the best light in each post that makes the fans stay loyal to an artist.


Social Media Developing Talented


Studying the Audience

Even in cyberspace, everyone’s situation, taste and preferences are different. It will help to keep in mind that people react differently to one thing. It is wise to choose a certain demographic and make posts that target them.  Social media is not a classified ads board, it’s much more intelligent than that. It’s human. Adding personal touches that will speak to the intended audience will work. Choosing the correct platform to use based on the intended audience is a good way to make definite followers that stick around.

Social Media Developing Talented

The Reality of Social Media/2016

Different Social Media Platforms

There are so many social media platforms out today that it is difficult to pick which one to use. The most common platforms artists use are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud and YouTube. It seems that most artists start with Facebook, a good choice as reported by EDM Prod, “Facebook’s algorithm is designed to deliver content to users that it thinks is the most relevant to them, meaning that Facebook favors content that generates engagement.” Having different social media accounts is a way of announcing the artists’ presence in the electronic music industry and in developing their brand. Each platform has their own way of promoting an artist’s talent or music, so choosing the right one is important.

Social Media Developing Talented

Sourcecode KK/2015

Marketing and promotion are no longer just about psychological influence and are definitely not about tricking people to like you. Nowadays, transparency is one of the best things you can do for your image. It’s the quickest way to build a deep trust relationship with your fans, and it also builds your reputation as a genuine artist. The connection between an artist’s advancement and their social media popularity is in direct proportion if we consider the previous statement true. But keep in mind what Huffington Post Social Media Specialist Carlotta Zimmerman said: “Social media isn’t going to magically solve your problems.” The takeaway here is that social media will definitely enhance an artists’ career but this will not happen in a finger snap.

It will take a lot of perseverance and energy. And of course, a lot of talent.

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