Slow Down with Kate Ozz, 10 Handpicked Tracks

Slow Down With This 10 Track Playlist From Kate Ozz
Author : Matt Draper
June 30, 2021

Slow Down with Kate Ozz, 10 Handpicked Tracks

Originally from Russia, Miami-based DJ and Producer, Kate Ozz has been making waves in the electronic music scene. Gaining support from names such as Solomon and Black Coffee, it’s obvious that her fine musical skillset is getting noticed by some of the electronic music world’s biggest names. She’s also been a huge champion of female DJs and producers, supporting upcoming artists through her sets and live performances.

Kat Ozz gives a fantastic ten-track playlist filled with wonderful grooves that are perfect to chill out and wind down to. There are wonderful deep house tunes that will put you in a calm and peaceful mood, whether you just got back from a party, finished up a workout, or just relaxing for the evening, these will surely do the trick.

I am crazy about music and my work, I really love it. It is an honour to share my energy and my work with the world. I also love to meditate and do yoga, it is a powerful practise which has helped me greatly in life. I hope [people] enjoy this playlist and it brings [them] a sense of peace and tranquility.

Kate Ozz on sharing her love for music.
1. VICHTOR “Al Oud”

This track is perfect to bring you into a New Day – sunrise energy.

2. Zazoz, Just Emma “From the Beginning”

This track will help you reconnect with your inner self, nature and commit to healthy living.

3. The Disclosure Project “Nalu” 

It helps me to find serenity and balance after a busy day.

4.  Sunset Riders feat Yeho de Denia “Sigma Ta-Laula”

It makes you feel like you are on an island, full of harmony and balance.

5. Tiniri “Satori”

Feel that life, it’s a journey.

6. Tim Green “Moss”

I am savoring peace in abundance and it feels like I am up in the clouds.

7. Volen Sentir “Neunivai”

I feel like escaping far away from the maddening crowd, ease into peace, breathe deep and seek peace.

8. Amonita “Aura”

This track is full of love and revival for me.

9. Rashid Ajami “You Don’t Know Me” (Madrass Remix)

Harmony and balance.

10. Ben Tov and Gerry Liberty “Nuwe Reen” (Mass Digital Remix) 

Bringing peace to my mind.

Listen to these slow down tracks handpicked by Kate Ozz below

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