Sky Society Brings the Vibes and Breaks in New EP

Sky Society Heart Beats
Author : Nadia Shamsedin
July 22, 2021

Sky Society Brings the Vibes and Breaks in New EP

Known primarily for his wavey and soulful R&B beats, producer Juany Santos begins moving in a new direction for his latest project Sky Society Heart Beats: The Love Loops Vol. 2 EP. Check out the breaks-infused premiere of the fourth track off the new EP “Coins in my Pocket” below.

Premiere: Sky Society “Coins In My Pocket” – Higher Frequency Recordings

“Coins In My Pocket” is the fourth track on the EP. A seven-minute tune that displays a heavier electronic influence, it diverges from the prior wavier tracks on the EP. The tune kicks off with an ethereal synth that morphs into a relaxed breakbeat accompanied by distant vocals and a hazy horn line. The peaks and valleys of this track make it a go-to for any DJ who is looking to captivate their crowd and get the club dancing.

Kicking off the EP is the track “Feel at Home,” a vibey piece led by smooth electric bass licks and subtle percussion. Listeners soon float into the first single off the EP “Holy Time” which features vocals by Monstercat singer Ehiorobo. “Holy Time” showcases Sky Society’s ability to produce eclectic instrumentals paired with poetic lyricism. “Quite Simple” brings Heart Beats: The Love Loops Vol. 2 a boost of energy with a sample from Ashanti’s “Rock Wit U (Aww Baby),” giving the soulful vocals new life in a timeless dancefloor classic.

Sky Society is more than just DJ/Producer Juany Santos. Santos wishes to promote Sky Society as a community of individuals coming together as one to connect and create art, music, and humanity.

“The [Sky Society] concept was channeled back in 2013 when I was building the foundation for something bigger than myself. It was an ode to the power of music, past present & future.”

Jauny Santos

Sky Society is pioneering a new wave by reimagining the way dance music is experienced with his latest EP Heart Beats: The Love Loops Vol. 2, a follow-up to the first installment of this series in 2019. Releasing the EP through their own imprint Higher Frequency Recordings, Juany Santos takes the scenic route of production when creating each track on Sky Society Heart Beats: The Love Loops Vol. 2.

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