Skream and Doc Martin Removed from Paradise LA Lineup Because Deemed To Be “Rave DJs”

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
May 13, 2017

Skream and Doc Martin Removed from Paradise LA Lineup Because Deemed To Be “Rave DJs”

If the headline seems absurd, it’s because it is.

Jamie Jones’ Paradise party series announced its arrival to Los Angeles last month with a line-up that was meant to feature Doc Martin, Skream, Art Department and of course Jamie himself. Scheduled for this afternoon at the city’s Levitt Pavillion at Macarthur Park, the event announced that it is strictly 21+ and all attendees will have their bags searched, a condition dictated by  the City and the Los Angeles Police Department.

Sadly, however, it seems like that wasn’t the only condition enforced by local officials. A couple of days ago Paradise announced that Skream and Doc Martin couldn’t make the party due to reasons beyond their control, a familiar PR line used by promoters that could frankly mean a myriad of things.

A little investigation has however brought to light the real reasons for this sudden change. According to our industry sources Skream and Doc Martin were deemed to be “Rave DJs” by local officials, who then imposed that they be removed from the lineup. While we know full well that Skream’s sets are a proper rave, the decision is clearly arbitrary, unnecessary and frankly very misinformed.

The full lineup set to perform today consists of Marques Wyatt, Nathan Barato, Art Department and Jamie Jones.

While nothing official has come out stating the reasons for the cancellation, Skream took to his twitter to point the finger to councilmen and to let fans know that he will be playing a surprise show in LA, which is still unannounced as of right now.




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