Side Hustles Helping Artists Make Money During COVID-19

Author : Daisy Magana
October 21, 2020

Side Hustles Helping Artists Make Money During COVID-19

Governments around the world are showing little budget priorities to fund the creative sector. So, where does this leave artists? DJs and producers are taking matters into their own hands. They’re picking up side hustles to make money during COVID-19. Many haven’t had a proper gig in more than six months. For some, touring was their primary source of income. While it’s uncertain when events will come back, life isn’t stopping. The show must go on. Check out how some artists are tapping into their other talents and creating side hustles to help bring in money.

The Arts

Los Angeles-based DJ and producer Manolo has started selling an art collection. His debut was his summer release of DO IT ANYWAY, a collection inspired to create something out of nothing. His limited-release collections range from zines to paintings.


Life comes at you fast. Find what you love and do that as much as possible. Give yourself to it. You may have your doubts, don’t think, just do. Do it anyway.

Manolo, DO IT ANYWAY, Summer 2020

Brennen Grey, a photography graduate from a prestigious arts school, created his audiovisual experiment called Visus Malum. He’s also taken an interest for hand forging knives. Art is everywhere you look.

Culinary World



Italian artist Bot and self-proclaimed “half-machine” does moe than cook beats. Catch him in the kitchen cooking up all sorts of Italian-inspired dishes. His mainstay? Pasta. The man might also start a career in hair modeling with his luscious head of hair much like Huxley.




Some artists are leaning into clothing and accessories either creating more designs or opening online shops. Mija’s “Made by Mija” is 100 percent recycled fashion creating a more sustainable line of merch. Madam X and Rebūke are also giving fans what they want through unique merch collections.


Robert Babicz, Insolate, Truncate and Speedy are among the many producers who’ve lent their brains to teach online courses. Production, mastering, sound design, and mixing; you name it, they’re covering all bases.




Another platform opening doors to the online world is Twitch, the world’s leading live streaming platform, especially for gamers. Successful streamers can make between $3,000 to $5,000 per month. Streamers can look to make money through a partnership program or donations from their fans.