Sian To Release “Ghost In The Shell” EP Inspired By The Manga

Author : Jennifer Liu
February 27, 2016

Sian To Release “Ghost In The Shell” EP Inspired By The Manga

502902018“I had taken a small break from writing tracks during some crazy touring in 2015. My experiences playing at clubs and festivals has changed how I make music in a way. I wanted to come back and  create some tracks that spoke directly to the main room dance floors. I was aiming for raw, dark, sexy and groove based Techno – not necessarily hard – but definitely emotive and atmospheric.¨ – Sian

Octopus Recordings boss Sian will drop a two-track techno EP titled Ghost In The Shell, inspired by Masamune Shiro’s manga. The original Ghost In The Shell series is one that has propagated immense philosophical discussions about cyber culture, futurism, and the relationship between human and robot, thus serving as an proper medium of exploration for the fundamental ideas of techno. Similar to Bwana’s techno-futurist reinterpretation of Akira, Sian produces an ominous musical aesthetic inspired by Ghost In The Shell‘s near-futurism. 

Sian’s Ghost In The Shell track is a driving four-on-the-floor composition with the echoing vocal ghost of Origa’s Rise intermingled into the relentlessly industrial soundscape. The track exists as a conflicting state of mind, a precarious balance between cosmic ideation and dystopian intensity. Sitting on the borderline of EBM and techno, Vast Obscurity is dark and crisp with hypnotically punctuating synths, slowly luring the listener deeper into a brooding ecstasy.

Sian’s Ghost In The Shell EP drops on April 4.

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