Shaney & Zadig “The Burden” Drips with Hard Break Techno

Shaney Zadig The Burden
Author : Kevin Ching
November 15, 2021

Shaney & Zadig “The Burden” Drips with Hard Break Techno

Shaney‘s 65-21-279-S Pt 2 is the next vinyl and digital release of the French label, S.Lab Ltd, scheduled for November 19, 2021. After the release of 65-21-279-S Pt 1 in 2018, this new production includes a collaboration with Zadig on the track “The Burden”.

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6AM Premiere: Shaney & Zadig “The Burden” – S.Lab Ltd

Shaney decided to make this record at CBE Studio in Paris with tape recording to create this particular sound present in the album. With seven tracks on the release, this vinyl imposes its nuanced, dark, and repetitive sounds. It’s balanced by techno, break and hard break techno with a remix by Zadig & Skandr.

Photos courtesy of Max Ambio and Nicko Guihal

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